The Latest

•My belly gets bigger by the day. No joke. I feel the same everyday, but every time Danny works a 24 hour shift and comes home he says my belly has grown. :) Baby is growing.

•We decided that our little one will be name Mila Marie Canto. I’m pretty excited about it. We chose the name Mila a few years ago, and its been a winner ever since. It also happens to mean gracious, and it Slavic name originating from Poland or Eastern Europe.

Enamarie and I are driving to Tampa tomorrow morning to visit our Dad because he had a pretty serious surgery done this morning. It was all pretty sudden, thankfully he’s ok and the surgery went well. Can’t wait to see him and help him adjust at home.

•I’m preparing a major re-order of the Hustle Hard tee. Its time! I’ve completely run out. Sent out the last one a couple weeks ago. Love how much ya’ll love that shirt. Makes my heart happy.

•Danny is headed to Colorado tomorrow morning to hike a fourteener. I love his adventurous spirit.

das it.



I think I’m nesting

From what I’m reading, its a little early for me to be nesting. I’ve been very lucky to have family give me some of their hand me downs. I’ve received a crib, a ton of clothes, a stroller, some bouncy thing- actually 2 bouncy things and so on. I’ve let it sit in our spare room for a bit, and recently decided to go through it and make decisions on what to keep and what to pass along. Its a lot of stuff! I went through about 8 garbage bags of clothes. I’m proud of myself haha. I started washing the clothes we decided to keep, and now I’m folding it and categorizing it by size. Where do I store this!?!?! I have a dresser, but I have a feeling there’s a better way to store all this clothes effectively. I gotta ask my friends, because they are boss moms.

We also hit up Babies R Us tonight to start our registry. I ALWAYS dread going into a baby store. Its always been an overwhelming experience for me (nothing is ever where its supposed to be!!!). I’ve left the store with gifts sweating and with a migraine. We walked in  tonight and started with diaper bags and went from there. Struggle bus over here. I had an idea of what we needed, but instantly knew I’d have to continue adding things online because the store was too much for me. I mean a crib mattress is about $200- are you kidding me?!?!?! Its terrible. I’ve also created a Babylist registry, which is much less stressful. I love it because it allows the purchaser to choose the best price out of 2-3 options. Talk about considerate you know what I mean! Annnnd I can pick items from Etsy, Amazon, Target- basically anywhere I want. Love it.

I still feel overwhelmed about it all… I was folding some swaddle thingies and I have no idea how to fold them- much less how to put them on a baby. What is life?! I feel a little unprepared for this whole becoming a parent thing, but I know it’ll come in time. I can do this! Its just a little daunting. Till then, I’ll continue to work on my little one’s room and try to make it as relaxing and adorable as possible. Thanks for reading <3


Pics taken from my Pinterest Board 9c59b32424b8f79f7c8d1cab9e1574b99d7db982e38a60b9003205ae689cf6df50e2798e030aa8644411f79173548d11c240e12b7d45db98f88b05eea75bd3e2

Miami’s Finest: The Salty Donut

I haven’t written a “Miami’s Finest” post in a WHILE. I haven’t felt inspired to do so to be honest. I used to carry my camera around all the time and document as much as I could, but its been difficult lately. Aside from being pregnant, I’ve been feeling pretty tired. I go to work, and just want to walk my dog and hang out for the remainder of the evening. I haven’t even cooked as much as I’d like. Its terrible. Sometimes you just gotta get over it and go. I had all kinds of plans this past Saturday (Saturdays are Baby Days. We do something every Saturday that is for the baby room or something like that)222, but when one of my errands ran long, it foiled the other plans- ANDDD Danny got an overtime shift, so I was left with options! Luckily, my boo Chanti was in town! I picked up my friend Gio and we headed out to Wynwood to meet up with Chanti and her friend Kate. I love that all the plans fell through and I had a chunk of time to spend with my friend. She’s pretty amazing, and brings so much happiness into my life.

We decided to hit up The Salty Donut. I was so excited! I had never been and was dying to go. The lines are pretty long from what I’ve seen on friends’ Snap stories, but it was pretty quick when we went. I got the Guava and Cheese Donut, and the Banana Nut Donut. Both spectacular. Chanti got the traditional donut, which was so delicious!!! I’m drooling just thinking about it. Kate got the Peach Bourbon donut, which I didn’t try, but everyone said it was pretty yummy as well. We also got Nutella donut holes, and such. So good. Everything. Seriously recommend these. I wanna try a score some for my baby shower!


Collaborations are so cool. I’ve always been a fan of teaming up with people to help one another’s business/skill. It creates this sense of camaraderie in your creative outlet. (Well any outlet really!) I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with a few people on Instagram and I feel so grateful for the opportunity. Here are a few screenshots of some pretty nifty individuals (that I don’t know well, but have had the chance to know via social media!):

Insta: @carlitos_n

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 4.42.55 PM

Insta: @mars.mik

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 4.43.39 PM

Insta: @Melodyjoymunn

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 4.48.30 PM


Insta: @blackwhitebrunette

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 4.48.53 PM


Insta: @Alexisjadekaiser

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 4.49.17 PM


Insta: @thisfellowScreen Shot 2016-03-31 at 4.49.55 PM


Don’t forget to tag @hustlesauce whenever you rock your tee, its always fun to repost every now and then! :)

Room Ideas

I made a secret Pinterest board the day we found out we were expecting. I wanted to start exploring and seeing what would catch my eye. I wanted both of us to like the room, and we want it to feel like a fun and serene space. So far, this is what we like. I’d love to get a teepee in there and everything. We’re so excited! We still have a lot to do to prepare for our little one’s arrival (change the carpet, expand the closet and paint). I’m sure whatever needs to be done will get done, so I’m not too stressed. Here’s a mood board of what we’re thinking, just wanted to share with you all.



I’m tired. I would just like to sleep, and sometimes if I lay down to rest I get migraines that end up haunting me throughout the entire day. Yesterday, I took a nap and woke up headache free! It was the perfect day-the weather, the lack of nausea and brain pain made it so. Taking naps is not common for me and I know being sleepy throughout pregnancy is normal, and should most definitely be observed, but sometimes I just can’t. I have work and responsibilities to take care of and sometimes you have to ward of the Zzz’s. By the time I’m home the sleepiness is gone until way late. Even now, as I lie here and type this- I’m tired and not sleepy just yet. The sleep has to hit me! The tiredness is constant, and I know its only a peek into what lies ahead, so I’ll consider this mini-training for what’s to come. Sorry if this post feels like a dog chasing it’s tail lol…this explains why I’m not a writer and I color for a living ;)


Preggo Sickness

Let me start of by saying that pregnancy is different for everyone. I know friends who have had terrible pregnancies…in the sense that they were sick the entire 9 months. I have also had friends that have had amazing pregnancies, where everything is..well the complete opposite of the former. So far, in my case- it’s been pretty rough. I’ve had morning sickness almost everyday since I found out, sometimes it turns out to be all day sickness or even nighttime sickness. I’ve felt my body changing. It may sound gross, but I feel like I can tell when my insides are stretching out! I have always had wide hips, so I always assumed that when I arrived to this season of life, I’d be set with my body making appropriate space for our little one. Of course, we all know what assuming makes you. I’ve had some migraines, and the occasional out of the norm pimple. People are very nice and encouraging, and say that it’ll pass. I hope so! We’ll see what happens! All in all, I just laugh. I cry sometimes, but its temporary and I know that its going to be ok. There’s a little person growing in my body, and honestly-what else should I expect. Its a shock to my body, this has never happened before-so its all new. As long as our little one grows, I’m happy. I’ll just take it all in stride.

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 2.26.24 PM.png