Some Mommy thoughts

I’ve gotten the random feedback that I’m an overprotective or controlling mom. That I don’t let people hold Mila, that I don’t let anyone near her. This is a complete exaggeration. If someone is holding Mila and she starts crying, I take her back. Not because I don’t have faith in the person holding her, but because I feel like she’s my responsibility and if she’s going to be upset I’d rather take care of it. If she’s fussy, I take her so I can check her diaper- diaper duty is no one’s job but mine and Danny’s, I would never ask someone to check her diaper- what if something unpleasant occurs!?! Nope. Unless you’re cool with it fine, but I don’t do it to be controlling. I do it because I want you/them to comfortable. And truth be told, I enjoy it. She’s only gets older, and I cherish every moment with her- from happy to frustrated to sad. So, if you’re one of those people who says little things- know that you are wrong! lol jk but please have some grace and understanding as to why I do things. I love that people love her, it brings me so much joy, and I would love for you to get your Mila snuggles in, just know that I’m not being crazy over here. ::end rant::

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photos by the very talented Karielys Acevedo.


Palette Life

I’m just feelin these colors lately. Just wanted to throw it out there.


I love watching tv. I feel like that sounds so ugly. haha Don’t misunderstand- I love the outdoors, I love doing crafty things, I love being out and about, but I also love tv. TV get such a bad wrap sometimes… it gives the impression that I’m a couch potato or something. Let me liveeee. Lately though, its one of the only ways I can wind down. You should also know that I can finish a show quick. Real quick. One of the reason for that is that I can work and watch “tv” pretty well. In fact, I’m much more productive doing so- instead of listening to music. All of that to say that, I want to share some shows I’ve watched and enjoyed -with you. haha I ramble a bit. Sorryyyyy


The Young Pope – HBO

This show is great. I had to get over myself when I started to watch it because it kind made me feel some type of way… and I can’t explain. It seemed so bad- but its so good!


Medici: Masters of Florence – NETFLIX

I loved this show. It was dramatic and it tells a lot of history about one of my favorite cities in Italy. I enjoyed it because I knew a bit of it all, so seeing in a story really revived my appreciation for Art History in Italy. 32746757006_5d9e3d80f3_o

Grace and Frankie- NETFLIX

These women are hilarious. So many women of different ages and demographics have become fans of this show. Well done. Best way to show what happens when life fives you lemons. graceandfrankie-nowwhat

Big Little Lies- HBO

I’m still watching this, and the season finale is on Friday. I love all the actors in this, and thinks its such a great casting. It feels like Mean Girls/Desperate Housewives 2.0. Way better. I’m constantly left with “cliffhanger” feeling and my sister and I have made it a serious commitment in watching it together. lolmaxresdefault


My sister got me into this show and I love it. It has some Stranger Things vibes. Lots of suspense. Definitely recommend it. the-oa_66

Let’s give a huge shout out to HBO and NETFLIX for making some A+ material.

January Miami Flea

The Miami Flea was a success! Would not have been possible without the help of my friends and family. Seriously, they always come thru.

We were up early (either way because of little Mila) at Casa Canto. We loaded up Gabe’s pick-up truck, waited for Enamarie and Maria (my “employees” of the day) and we were off! I was assigned a fantastic spot, and so the setup began! Mila was asleep in the car with Enamarie, which made the tent assembly much easier. Thank goodness for Danny. Best husband award goes to him. haha! After that, it just flowed. Enamarie and Maria killed it with sales, and it was so nice to see so many old and new faces. I loved the opportunity and can’t wait for the next flea I can be a part of!

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Miami Flea 2017 Kick-Off

Hustle Sauce will be at the Miami Fleaaaa! I’m so excited and so anxious! Excited because I get to take part in a event with other local vendors and anxious because I have no idea what it’s going to be like. lol I’m also a bad planner, so planning gives me anxiety. Backstory: whenever I’ve planned something- things go wrong and I lose my ish when my plan goes out the window, so since then I don’t plan and go with the flow.
So, when I’m forced to plan I panic. Oh well, this will a learning experience once more. If you’re not learning then you’re not growing.

Hope you can make it, I’d love to see you all there!
Click the link to reserve your spots.