January Miami Flea

The Miami Flea was a success! Would not have been possible without the help of my friends and family. Seriously, they always come thru.

We were up early (either way because of little Mila) at Casa Canto. We loaded up Gabe’s pick-up truck, waited for Enamarie and Maria (my “employees” of the day) and we were off! I was assigned a fantastic spot, and so the setup began! Mila was asleep in the car with Enamarie, which made the tent assembly much easier. Thank goodness for Danny. Best husband award goes to him. haha! After that, it just flowed. Enamarie and Maria killed it with sales, and it was so nice to see so many old and new faces. I loved the opportunity and can’t wait for the next flea I can be a part of!

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Miami Flea 2017 Kick-Off

Hustle Sauce will be at the Miami Fleaaaa! I’m so excited and so anxious! Excited because I get to take part in a event with other local vendors and anxious because I have no idea what it’s going to be like. lol I’m also a bad planner, so planning gives me anxiety. Backstory: whenever I’ve planned something- things go wrong and I lose my ish when my plan goes out the window, so since then I don’t plan and go with the flow.
So, when I’m forced to plan I panic. Oh well, this will a learning experience once more. If you’re not learning then you’re not growing.

Hope you can make it, I’d love to see you all there!
Click the link to reserve your spots.


4 months

Mila is 4.5 months old. Time is flying by, while feeling so slow. It’s so strange when I reflect on her life until now. She’s learned to grab, and reaches out for things. She’s even rejected individuals who want to carry her. She grabs her toes and sucks on her right toe-hard! She talks a lot now, but only when she is in a happy and relaxed moment. She recognizes faces and smiles and coos at them (human faces, and her plush dolls). She’s so funny, and has a strong personality. She reminds me a lot of Danny. She knows what she wants. I love my little Mila Marie to pieces, and just cry when I think of how much the Lord has chosen to bless me with her. Love you babycakes


Merry Christmas

Hope everyone had a good holiday. We were feeling extra blessed this year, having little Mila around has been the best gift. A lot of my thoughts surrounded ideas of traditions and lessons to teach to Mila during the holidays. Traditions that would ensure we always celebrate Christmas for the right reason. Danny and I have always been mindful, but teaching our little one about everything from the beginning sounds easy enough, but it’s actually very daunting lol. I’m looking forward to many more Christmas’ to come.

I had such a great time buying little things for Mila. I got her a doll from Cuddle and Kind , a dress from June and January, The Rebel Girls book and Some Disney Tsum Tsums for her stocking. I love gifting people, so this was extra special for me. I got Danny a Marmot tent and a MuteMath Vinyl and Lana got some goodies too! Nothing crazy but all special gifts. I hope to always keep that in mind when it comes to gifts for each other.

Hope you all had a Merry Holiday. <3


Charleston, SC

A few weekends ago, we took a road trip to Charleston, SC. it was the first long trip with Mila and overall-she did great! Our friend, Giovanna was going up for some work and we tagged along to explore the city. We had an amazing time. Charleston is so beautiful! We didn’t have specific plans, which was easier for us to go at our own pace, thankfully. Flexibility is key when you have a baby that is strict on her routine, not by my doing! She is a clock. She wakes from nap time to eat almost at the exact time, she dirties her diapers immediately after, and demands a change. Its always the same, so wherever I am, I tell myself to be flexible with how the day goes. She’s on schedule but life is not lol so asking about a restroom changing table in advance helps me be prepared, and if they have boiling water so i can warm her bottle. I get flustered pretty easily ( I hate that about myself), but Danny helps me remember to be grateful that Mila is pretty easy to handle <3

Anyhoo- back to Charleston. A few restaurants and places I’d recommend:

The Revelator Coffee – got a latte here every morning. So yummy.

Husk (you need a reservation WAYYYY in advance. Like a few weeks.)

167 Raw – Great spot, small but perfect. Service was amazing as well.

Taco Boy

High Wire Distilling Co.

The Daily coffee shop

The Brown Dog Deli – I had an amazing sandwich here. Amazing!!! Pulled pork, mac n cheese sandwich. Dead. Sooo good.

Angel Oak Tree – 1000 year old oak. #dreams

Henry’s – for some great drinks and chocolate cake hehe They have food too, but we just went for a short while.

Glazed Gourmet Donuts

We also, took a day to head to Parris Island to see where Danny went to Boot Camp for the Marines. So intense! I’m so proud of him for his time in the Marines. He’s the best.

Well, if you’re ever in Charleston, enjoy because its awesome. Take time to explore and ask locals because you can miss so much when you go on a strict plan!