As most of you know, I attend church. Regularly. I also work at my church. I started attending before I started working there. I had always had my reservations about working at the church I attended because I never wanted to live out work frustrations (which are inevitable) that were so close to my church experience. After a few years of attending my church, the opportunity to work there came up, and I prayed about it and had my small group lift it up in prayer as well. I wanted to make sure I had no doubts about working there.

*A little background information: I never had formal training in art. I was queen of doodles and fake graffiti name titles in class notes. I had inclinations, but never sought out a class-probably out of fear. Fear that my beginners skill set wasn’t up to par with everyone else my age. I took a graphic design class in college and got a lot of encouragement from my professors. From then on I always felt like I had to use what God revealed to me to advance His Kingdom as best I could. 

I took the job opportunity and I can honestly say that I love it. I am no expert, but I’m learning. I learn from my peers, I learn from my day-to-day interactions more and more about design and just being a better leader. I think, as long as you’re learning, you’re doing something right… This isn’t to say that I don’t have to work daily to fight off the negativity that happens in my mind.

I experience two kinds of stress with my work: getting everything to everyone and wondering if I’m plateauing. The plateau one is the one I am hesitant to share. Its very private and I prefer not to talk about it with anyone. I’m sharing it here with you, because I want you to be aware that its an internal struggle for me. It totally a real thing, and I have to fight my fear to not let happen. Fear is paralyzing- and if I pay it too much mind, I will plateau for sure. I have to keep in mind this verse,

 There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. -1 John 4:18

So, I will try to create daily without fear and in love. God has placed me where I am for a reason. I don’t know for how long, or what’s next, but its pretty great right now, and I have to honor that by giving my 100% effort to excellence for Him.

* I had planned for this post to be about something else related to church, but it kinda became this. Its probably better this way. My thoughts we probably incomplete on the planned subject. Oh well, next time.

Pictures are from Bldg4000 Instagram

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Last month, I visited New York with Chanti and Donna. We met up with my dear friend, Tahtee and spent a day with my friend from high school, Luis. We stay in Queens through AirBNB. We did so much everyday-our feet were beat! ha. I’m going to go through each photo and write about that particular moment, as opposed to writing a play-by-play of the whole weekend, because I’m sure I’ll miss something and I’d hate that! Here we go.

Walking the streets of New York with my frandssss.

1110We visited the Moma on Friday fo freeeee. haha. It was so packed, but I enjoyed walking around and looking at all the pretty art. 12My friends are beautiful. BYE!261517We snapped a few photos before brunch at Cookshop, which was incredible by the way. The Chelsea neighborhood is adorable and I want to live there. ha!

09Got me a drank at Chelsea Market. Cutest jar cup. <31627Central Park wanderings.

250829I got this shot while we had some drinks on the Monarch Rooftop, thanks to Luis. It was relaxing. <31828 In this picture, we were in the middle of walking across the Brooklyn Bridge to meet Tahtee at Smorgasburg. It was the perfect day for a stroll. Warm, windy, cool, clear. haha


We just left Smorgasburg and decided to take walk to the Manhattan Bridge. The whole time we headed there, I thought the view was of the Brooklyn Bridge. Negative. Thankfully Donna found the exact bridge and assured me that it was the Manhattan Bridge we were looking for, not the Brooklyn Bridge.

0501I was so happy to be exploring with my friends. It was just easy and fun. 02Here we are trying to be cute. Chanti is perfect.04I didn’t get a successful jumping shot.. This is as good as it gets. It was definitely embarrassing jumping a thousand times. It shouted “I’m not from here”. -.-
07We spotted a couple taking their wedding photos. Adorable. We saw that they were having the reception in a restaurant around the corner. I’m such a stalker, but I had to sneak a pic of them. So cute. 06Here’s another view of the Manhattan Bridge. Its like a blue/minty color. Love it. 21We took some pictures in front of Jane’s Carousel. So beautiful. We couldn’t take a ride, because they were closing after the happiness of a ride that’s happening behind us. 222324We stopped by the Brooklyn Roasting Company for some coffee and to rest our feet. No joke- I thought my toes were broken. The struggle. 20Chanti’s perfect nails.


The last day in New York was a bit difficult to capture. It was pouring rain everywhere. I think this is when we realized we couldn’t live in this city. haha. I’d never move from Miami (that’s a whole other post), but I like to plan out scenarios in my mind about moving and weighing out possibilities. haha.The rain made moving around so difficult!!! My luggage was soaked. If it wasn’t for my poncho, I wouldn’t have made it.

Because of the crazy rain, all flights were delayed. I ended leaving about 6 hours later than the actual time I was supposed to leave. Chanti and Donna had to stay an extra night. Crazy I tell you. Either way, New York was awesome to us, and I hope we can do it again.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 9.37.53 PM

Vinyl Record Design

The other day I stepped out of the office in search of cassette tapes. I only had about half an hour before my next meeting and figured I’d hit up the nearest Goodwill (which was about 5 minutes away). I got there and made a B-Line to back of the store where I spotted A LOT of VHS tapes ha! To my surprise I found everything under the sun EXCEPT cassette tapes!!! The only exciting part about this venture was stumbling upon a collection of vinyl records. I snapped some photos of some that called my attention. The use of color, typography, layout and illustration screamed my name! Finding gems like these helps to refresh the mind and open the gate for new ideas. So glad I found them. 

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Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


I’ve been trying to keep plants alive in our house. I have the great ability to kill all flower in plant. Its horrible. Danny has just about given up on us buying flowers to plant. The only one I’ve been successful at keeping alive are succulents! I recently started growing baby succulents! So proud of myself. Haha granted it was kind of an accident, BUT its still alive! Winning!

Succulent_LargeScreen Shot 2015-05-01 at 2.11.47 PM

Living Room

We’re about to mark 1 year living in our home. Its been a slow process in decorating. I have countless pins on Pinterest with inspiration on how to decorate our home. We’ve got a few cool things going on, but we still need a few finishing touches. Another place i go to for inspiration, is Front + Main. It mostly West Elm stuff, but it helps me figure out how to lay out things we already have instead of feeling like we have to purchase a lot of unnecessary things. I love West Elm, they product and style makes me feel relaxed and refreshed. Check out some of the pictures I’ve been looking at for inspi!

Justin_Cover_0001 tray_coffeetable_01 3-26-rehabitat-03 7_23_nowindows_05 Peggy-Sectional-2


I never used to wear lipstick. I thought I shouldn’t because my teeth weren’t white enough. I don’t have abnormally yellow teeth or anything, but in my mind my teeth needed to be celebrity white. Then one day I didn’t care. The first color lipstick I purchased was Candy Yum Yum by MAC, and then it melted in my car ( I know! What can you expect leaving it in the car right?!?!). I then bought Relentlessly Red by MAC and loved it. I felt a little strange wearing such a bright color, but I must say its one of my favorites! Then, I lost that one (found it later) and went to re-purchase it when my friend Maria suggested I get another color because you never know if you’ll find it later. Taking her advice I purchased Ruby Woo and Honey Love. I found the lipstick I lost by the way, I was so happy! No RAGRETS! hahaha! For real, I love these colors and I’m so glad I got over that whole “my teeth aren’t white enough” situation. Be saucy, and rock that lipstick.


relentlessly red Ruby Woo Honey Love

Updates and Greys

So… about almost 2 months ago I entered in a health challenge at work (which I think I iniated!!!). I was pretty confident in my chances of winning. I was motivated and ready to go. I lost about 6 pounds the first week. I was proud. By month 1, I was 2 inches down in my waist as well. What I didn’t take in to consideration the known fact that I am an emotional eater. So when things get stressful I eat… also when I have headaches I automatically associate the relief with eating something (mainly because when I started getting migraines as a teen, my mom said it was because I never at anything- when in reality I didn’t have a huge appetite and my body was going into a new phase where I would become one of those people with chronic migraines). All of that to say that Easter season was upon us, and as a designer for a church- that means its gonna be crazy. lol Thankfully, it turns out our team was much more prepared than previous years and Easter went a little smoother. This doesn’t mean it wasn’t stressful…at all, but we completed projects on-time. During those moments of stress I went through a “who cares, you’re stressed. do whatever you want” mentality and sabotaged my weight loss progress. I didn’t get to run as much as I’d hope (migraines, a cold and random happenings kept getting in the way). I don’t eat terribly- I stay away from a lot of really delicious stuff, but my body is older now and doesn’t just get skinny. The thing is- I have to be on my game, I have to make time for working out-HARD and prepare in advance my food intake (I’m a bit lazy. Oh the sin of sloth!) Hopefully, I get it together starting today. So far, so good-but we’ll see how I handle it under the stress moments that are sure to happen. Cheers to not giving up?! haha

In the mean time- check out some of my pins that make me oh so happy. I love greys and jank


Palmetto Bay strolls

Enamarie has been working on some photography projects and has been going all over Miami taking pictures. Occasionally, I’ll grab Lana and drive her around to help out. She is my fave and is so talented it hurts me! Anyway… We were walking around the Palmetto Bay Area and we found a bunch of marsh and trees and decided to shoot some pics there, then she started taking pictures of my hair. I had my hair in a braid all day, and I undid the braid and blamooo! I love how these pictures came out. The colors make me happy. My hair looks crazy wild haha!  Humidity played a major roll in how my hair looks hahah!  Here are a couple of the shots. Enjoy!    

Miami’s Finest: Coconut Grove

I love Coconut Grove. Its beautiful. Full of little shops, happy people, live music and lots of people walking their dogs (We’ll get there one day, Lana!)! We went to the Grove a couple weeks ago to hit up brunch at Greenstreet. I crave Greenstreet all the time by the way. I had a cinnamon roll pancake. Delicious. We walked around and just enjoyed the day, on the way home we saw a little street market in one of the neighborhood streets. We parked and decided to walk through. We didn’t buy anything, but it was nice strolling by. I love days like this, random and just us. 

GS_1 GS_6GS_5GS_2GS_3GS_4

Shameless pics of my dog

I love my dog. After a stressful day of responsibilities, coming home to Lana and Danny are the best. We usually go on a walk together and then go about dinner and what not. Danny is out today, so its just Lana and I. I took her for a walk and then we hit up Petco. I bought her some food, a new toy. She behaved like a perfect lady in the store. Love herrrr. We came home, I did some random gardening while she frolicked the yard. Perfectly suburban. lol I decided to take out the camera and take some self-portraits and portraits of her. I’m practicing using different lenses and learning how to photograph myself. (Inspired by the lovely and talented, Yesi Flores) I did ok… not gonna lie, photographing myself is awkward- but its good practice! Lana however- hates the camera. She charges at me (non-violently)! I read somewhere that dogs dislike their portraits being taken because they feel an invasion of personal space… fancy! lol I took the pictures anyway and I’m gonna post them. So…here ya go! LANA DEL MOOCH!


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