2015 bits

As the year comes to a close, and as everyone’s 2015 Best Nine pics come up on Instagram (including my own), I can’t help but think about all the amazing things that happened. I went to some pretty amazing places, witnessed the miracle of birth, got a dog, worked with incredible people and so on. I can’t wait to see what next year brings. I can’t even try to plan it out, because plans I make don’t usually work out the way I want them to, so bring it on spontaneity. I know God always has something greater for us as we grow and as the years pass, thank goodness His plans always work out. ;)


Gift Guide: Kiddos

I just realized this blog never posted. It was saved in drafts and life happened. So sorry! Here is it, for what it’s worth. I find a bit difficult to get gifts for kids. I want to get them so many things, but you want to give them something they will enjoy. my objectives are different than that of a child, either way I think these gifts are pretty cool. I got advise from a friend/parent as well, so there you go!



Plush Pup // Star Wars Sweatshirt // Headband // Umbrella // Hustle Hard Kids // Tattly tattoos

Gift Guide: Ladies

If you’re looking for a neat gift for your lady friends, W.O.E.S., Squad, BFF or for that special lady in your life, this is it. What better way to show love and appreciation for someone that one of these items. I would be thrilled to receive any of these.

A constant reminder that “you look good” is a must. I mean come on!

Anything floral has my heart, and the Sonix cases are pretty amazing. I had one and it did a pretty great job of protecting my phone even though its a thin case.

Anyone who loves coffee or tea would be thrilled to store their hot beverage in this saucy tumbler!


Guau tee from my biz. Super soft and hilarious if you speak spanish!

This made well necklace is on sale!!! Get itttt!


Enjoy friends! Ladies Gift Guide


Bath mat // Phone case // Kate Spade tumbler // Rose Gold sneaks // Guau tee // Madewell Necklace

Gift Guide: Guys

I love putting these gift guides together. Its so fun! lol I truly enjoy gifting people, so this is fun for me! I’ve put together a few items I think would be cool to get..well if I was a guy. I tripled checked with my husband and brother to make sure they’d be ok with getting these gifts, lol so you are guy approved! Clink the links below to get to the sites. Cheers!


Uncommon Green Glass // Brass Comb // Hustle Sauce Hoodie // TheHorse Watch // Wooden Speaker // Loyal Stricklin // Slate Mobile Air Desk

Gift Guide: Pups

Life has been pretty hectic. Not gonna lie. This blog fell through the cracks (again), deep fall! I always remember that I want to share my musings around the holidays. I guess it feels like you CAN make time for things like this around this time of year. So, I’m back. I have a few things on my to-do list for this blog and my site. Hoping to put something together soon. I get a little intimidated by tasks that I don’t exactly know how to execute. Thankfully, I have friends that offer to help. Bless them! Thanks for still caring about this blog!
I decided to start Gift Guide posts with pup gifts. It seems ridiculous, but dog (just like any other kind of pet) is a part of your family, and I love showering my little Lana Del Mooch with gifts. We don’t have children yet, so Lana is our child. I buy lots of things for Gunner as well (he’s my brother and sister’s pup). I put together a list of pretty neat gifts for your furry friends, and if you don’t have any pets, you can always donate to a local shelter, either monetary funds or blankets and such to keep the animals comfortable while they wait for their furever home. Be sure to clink the links below to see options!


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 – donations + wishlist

Roadtrip Snapshots

I’m still out of town on vacation, but wanted to take my hotel break to edit and post some snippets of our trip. We flew to Ft. Collins for my cousin’s wedding, and then drove to Denver the next day to pick up the rest of our roadtrip mates. From there we stayed the night in Denver and drove the Moab, Utah the next day. It was a pretty long drive, but it didn’t matter, it was just the beginning of our Denver to Vegas roadtrip. We planned on visiting 5 National Parks for hiking and sights. I think we hiked over 30 miles total between all the parks. It was an incredible experience to say the least. I’ve never felt so small in the world. It was comforting to be honest. I felt a renewed sense of perspective, that I won’t get into because I kind of want to keep it to myself. lol Sorry! So grateful that I have a husband who cares so much as to plan every single part of this trip. He wanted all of us (7 individuals) to have the best experience possible. Well we did. Can’t wait to go on more adventures with him throughout throughout the years. Currently, we are in Vegas. We made it. Now we’re going to hit the strip! (I’m not that excited lol I wasn’t too fond of Vegas last time we came..) I’ll be back to share whether my opinion changes! In the mean time, here are some photos!













Air Max

I’ve recently stumbled upon a lot of Nike Artwork. I find it really inspiring to be honest. They (artists/designers) take this sneaker and create a concept around it that results in catching the eye of someone who wouldn’t otherwise have seen it. I’ve come to really appreciate the design of the Nike Air Max sneaker. I didn’t appreciate them as much when I remember seeing them for the first time (High School).
A little history on the Air Max:

The designer of the sneaker was Tinker Haven Hatfield, Jr. He also designed the Air Jordan 3-15. In college he ran track and field for Bill Bowerman, co-foudner for Nike. He studied architecture.He started working for Nike in 1981, and started designing shoes in 1985. He designed the Air Max shoe with the intention of presenting it as a multi-sport sneaker. People loved it because of exposed the air cushioned sole, and the Nike-Air technology was engineered by Marion Frank Rudy, who used to work for NASA. All cool things. haha Apparently, the shoe design came at a difficult time for the company and Hatfield faced a lot of opposition. Good thing he persevered and made what he envisioned.

Goes to show you, don’t give up and haters gonna hate no matter what. They don’t know what you’re gonna come up with. Cheers Air Max!






Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 10.00.10 AM