Little Mila

I realized I never posted this! tragic. Mila is 2 months old today. She’s grown so much already! She had her shots and ears pierced on Wednesday (also my birthday), and i went into the doctor’s office thinking she was so big, and then I saw all these babies that were 6 months old, and she suddenly looked so small again! Hey, I don’t hate it. She’s only this small once. Gotta love it.

She did great at her appointment. She cried of course, but I was so proud of her. She stopped crying and took it like a champ. I look at her 1 month picture, and I see such a difference. haha. She smiles more now, she makes cute faces when she’s trying to poo, she coos a lot, and has conversations with you. She’s eating so much more now too. Geez, I love my little girl. Can’t believe she’s 2 months old today!


National parks 

It’s no secret that Danny and I are National Park fans. Danny’s deep love and appreciate for our country’s preserved, natural beauty has made me a fan. It’s one of the things I love about him. He loves it so much that he wants to share it, and open people’s eyes to beauty sitting in our own backyard. We haven’t traveled to Europe as a couple yet- but don’t really have the itch to do so because of our National Parks. haha Last Christmas we both (coincidentally) got one another posters that you can mark which parks you’ve been to. I definitely recommend visiting one. Do some research, and find the park for you- I promise you won’t be disappointed. I think my favorite so far is Zion National Park. Summer before last, we drove from Colorado to Utah and visited 5 National Parks. It was amazing to say the least. All the parks were different, but the most challenging (which I appreciate) park was Zion because of the hike we did on The Narrows. We hiked in the water for 6 hours. Cray.

Anyway- all of that to say that I love National Parks, and a dear friend gifted me these National Park illustration postcards and I LOVE THEM. haha She knows me well. <3 I love this style of illustration, and I love that it draws attention to something one may not have considered before.

Just wanted to share. xoxo

48 Days of Mila

Mila is a month and almost 3 weeks old. She has gained almost 3 lbs and grown 2 inches since she was born. I  can’t even believe it. I can’t believe we’re parents. I can’t believe this is our kid. She’s so cute and perfect. More than ever, I feel God’s love, grace and mercy through this little girl. I’ve learned so much about His love for us.

I’ve seen all her so-far firsts. Her first poop (So important. It’s pretty much all I worry about haha), first snuggle session, first smile, first laugh, first bath, first tummy time fit, first spit up, and much more. There are a lot of firsts when you’re new to world hehe. Can’t wait for the many other firsts to come.

I love my Little Mila. <3


Saturday started off pretty good. I started to feel some contractions through the day. 5-10 minutes apart. They were pretty bearable, so I just kept a close eye on their times apart. Pretty steady. Sunday 1:09am comes and I feel something a little stronger. I try not to panic, and continue to keep an eye on the contractions. 5 Minutes apart. It stayed that way, and I woke Danny up at 4:30am telling him my findings (tried real hard to stay cool, calm and collected). We decided to go to the hospital. I took a shower, and got as comfortable as possible. We headed over, and to my disappointment, they discharged me because I was 2.5 cm dilated. They suggested I take a long walk around the hospital and come back in about 1.5 hours. So, we took our things back to the car and went for a walk. A very painful walk. Contractions were real and we were sleepy. I was also extremely dehydrated, so they gave me water to drink. The pain was causing me to feel nauseous so I ended up throwing up all the water I drank. Time passes and we head back to triage and they finally admit me because I dilated more.

I spent the day feeling contraction to contraction. Around 4 pm and 6 cm dilation I opted to get the epidural. I think I could’ve done it without the epidural, pain-wise, but I was so exhausted. Epidural happened (2 contractions while they are administering it!) and I immediately took a nap. I could still move my legs and feel them a bit, but the pain had definitely subsided. Around 9-10 pm the nurse tells me I’m 10 cm dilated, effaced and that my cervix is paper thin. All was ready for the big push. And so I pushed- for 2.5 hours. She was barely out, and then meconium started to come out, and that’s when things got scary. My wonderful and amazing doctor suggested we move forward with an emergency c-section. Which I was ok with. One thing to note here is that I love my doctors and have total trust in them. They know me and know what’s important to me and put that first. I tried my hardest, and that’s all I can ask of myself. Of course I had envisioned having a safe vaginal birth, but sometimes things change and you have have to okay with it. So off to surgery we went. I was scared of course, I had never had surgery before!

Of course everything turned out okay, and little Mila arrived safe and sound. All 10 fingers and 10 toes. She is so beautiful. Danny and I’s love for one another has grown to a new level, and the love for Mila is so big- we just feel blessed and undeserving of such a gift. Can’t wait to see what life is going to look like from here on out. A so the best journey of our lives begins.



Everyone is in love with you little Mila. <3

Photos by my incredibly talented sister, Enamarie.

Last photo of Mila by Luis Mora.

If you want to see a video of the night, peep it on my Instagram or check out her Vimeo. Created by the talented Giovanna Arguello.

Maternity Pictures

I’m almost at 39 weeks. Enamarie took my maternity photos last week. Had it not been for her, I probably would have let it slip through the cracks. I’m not into documenting myself too much, but it had to happen. So grateful to have a sister that knows me and pushes me to make and document memories. She knows how to make me feel comfortable and like a flower- so gifted. I know she makes others feel the same when she photographs them, because they’ve told me. She is such a warm and kind person, she makes you feel safe <3

If you ever need a photog to document some life, just ask. You won’t be disappointed. (Shameless plug)

Check out some of the pictures I selected from our “afternoon at Casa Canto” shoot.


Baby Shower Details

June 18th was my Baby Shower. It was amazing! I’ve been blessed to have wonderful people in my life that have made this season of life so sweet. The shower would not have been possible without the help of family and friends. Every little detail was perfect. I don’t take help very easily, so I tend to contribute a lot to planning things for myself- I’m pretty sure it bugs my family and friends, but I can’t help it! lol I collected some Pinterest pins and shared them. Everything I pinned came alive! I’ve attached some pictures (taken by my lovely, Enamarie) of all the decorations, little gifts, flowers and such.

The cake was made by a dear friend, Elizabeth Calle of Leelee’s Cake Abilities, some of the cookies and lemon bars were made by Gaby’s Edibles, Doughnuts from The Salty Donut, mini succulents are from Isaac Farms and the shower location was the clubhouse at TOWN Luxury Apartments (such a good venue!).