Palmetto Bay strolls

Enamarie has been working on some photography projects and has been going all over Miami taking pictures. Occasionally, I’ll grab Lana and drive her around to help out. She is my fave and is so talented it hurts me! Anyway… We were walking around the Palmetto Bay Area and we found a bunch of marsh and trees and decided to shoot some pics there, then she started taking pictures of my hair. I had my hair in a braid all day, and I undid the braid and blamooo! I love how these pictures came out. The colors make me happy. My hair looks crazy wild haha!  Humidity played a major roll in how my hair looks hahah!  Here are a couple of the shots. Enjoy!    

Miami’s Finest: Coconut Grove

I love Coconut Grove. Its beautiful. Full of little shops, happy people, live music and lots of people walking their dogs (We’ll get there one day, Lana!)! We went to the Grove a couple weeks ago to hit up brunch at Greenstreet. I crave Greenstreet all the time by the way. I had a cinnamon roll pancake. Delicious. We walked around and just enjoyed the day, on the way home we saw a little street market in one of the neighborhood streets. We parked and decided to walk through. We didn’t buy anything, but it was nice strolling by. I love days like this, random and just us. 

GS_1 GS_6GS_5GS_2GS_3GS_4

Shameless pics of my dog

I love my dog. After a stressful day of responsibilities, coming home to Lana and Danny are the best. We usually go on a walk together and then go about dinner and what not. Danny is out today, so its just Lana and I. I took her for a walk and then we hit up Petco. I bought her some food, a new toy. She behaved like a perfect lady in the store. Love herrrr. We came home, I did some random gardening while she frolicked the yard. Perfectly suburban. lol I decided to take out the camera and take some self-portraits and portraits of her. I’m practicing using different lenses and learning how to photograph myself. (Inspired by the lovely and talented, Yesi Flores) I did ok… not gonna lie, photographing myself is awkward- but its good practice! Lana however- hates the camera. She charges at me (non-violently)! I read somewhere that dogs dislike their portraits being taken because they feel an invasion of personal space… fancy! lol I took the pictures anyway and I’m gonna post them. So…here ya go! LANA DEL MOOCH!


Valentine’s Day

I never got around to posting photos of this past Valentine’s Day! I took pics and completely forgot! For shame. 

Anyhow… Danny had class that day. We usually treat the day very casually with a little surprise/treat in celebration of the day. So it’s not really a big deal. So I went out to buy some plants for our new flag pole that he had just installed in the front yard (we love America). When I got back, he had gotten back from school early and prepared a fun picnic for later on in the day. 6 5 4 3 2 1

Long Hair, Don’t Care

Well…sometimes I do care. lol I’m not gonna lie, my hair has been pretty complicated these past few days. Its been getting tiny knots, crazy tangled, and looking a little drabby. First world problems. How embarrassing. Real talk, its not that serious. I’m just being a girl about it. I love my hair and all the cool stuff I can do with it. Today, I did like a side twist braid thing. I’m sure it has a name, but I have no idea what it is. Anyway, here are some pics of the day’s do.

IMG_3966 IMG_3967


I cannot complain. Life gets really hard sometimes and then really good other times. Its been really good. SO grateful for this season. Just wanted to share some pics I have taken with a new lens. Practice makes perfect right. <3

5x7 Christine1 IMG_4817 copy

Adventures with long hair

I haven’t cut my hair in over a year. There are several reason why I haven’t done so yet. Some intentional and some not so intentional.

1. I’m kinda seeing how long I can go without cutting it. Usually it drives me insane around October (I cut it around my birthday time usually). So I’m setting a new personal record.
2. It’s pretty pricey to cut long hair. Always. I hate it. The cheapskate in me wins this time.
3. I’m pretty lazy when it comes to getting things like this done.. Mani/pedi included. I come home and all I wanna do is eat and hang with my family.
4. I like to test out cool hairdos! The milk maid braid is so far my favorite. Inspiration credit goes to my lovely friend, Yesi! It’s so much easier with really long hair.

I’m going to try and post more hair photos as it continues to grow…I’m expecting to cut it soon because it’s long enough that I can tuck it into my pants. Embarrassing. Ha! So until then stay tuned for random hair selfies! Here’s a pic of the milk maid braid I did last week. It’s a bit frizzy, but it was the middle of the day-and I was juicing. A recipe for disheveled appearance. Lol






Lana the Canto Pup

I’ve learned a few things since having Lana in our lives that I didn’t learn with Gunner (mainly because he lives with my brother and  sister ). Nothing out of this world, but lessons nonetheless.

1. There’s a new member of the family and that means they require you’re attention and care. This seems pretty obvious, but its more than it seems. Pets are to be treated with love and good care, they’re more than just an animal living in your home. Well for me at least. I worry about leaving her alone for too long. Its intense. lol

2. Dogs are needy. They want to be with you at all times. She’s ok being alone in her crate (as far as I know), but when I’m home we are like “peas and carrots” lol. I love being with her. I’m alone sometimes because Danny works his long shifts, thankfully she makes excellent company.

3. Responsibility. She makes me wake up early to feed and walk her. Sure, I could just let do her business in our backyard, but A. the yard would smell like poo and B. I’d rather walk her to get her some exercise. Walking up early is a good thing. I usually delay as much as possible before I have to wake up, I’m pretty lazy. Now I wake up, take her out, feed her and while she’s eating, I take that time to read the bible and do my small group devotional study. Breakfast is something I gotta work into the equation, which means waking up earlier.. pfft.

4. Random exercise. I’ve lost like 2 lbs. lol That isn’t much at all, but in comparison to nothing, its something. I walk her in the morning, on my lunch break (if Danny is working) and at night after she eats. “A tired dog is a happy dog” is what most people say, but I just want her to have we do. lol Told you i was crazy! Added plus: I’ve met a lot of my neighbors on walks with her. 

5. Socializing your pup is really important. We are super training her so she can play well with others. The first couple of days she was with us, was kind of a whirlwind of meet and greets. She met like 4 dogs. She played well with Gunner (of course because he’s perfect!) and got a little defensive with the neighbor’s dog and my brother-in-law’s dog. Both dogs are pretty docile. I panicked. I cried actually. lol I didn’t want Lana to be one of those dogs that couldn’t play with others. I mean, we have so many dogs in our lives already, in my mind they were all one big happy family! Through so intense “pack leader” mentality training, she’s improved so much! She has had two monitored playdates with the the neighbor’s dog, who she fought. I think she was just overwhelmed with all the newness. Anyway- happy to report she is making great progress.

Having a pup, and all the pampering, gift buying, love giving, bathing and such is a lot of work. Emotionally and physically. I love it. Danny and are working as a team to make our pup a healthy and happy pet. He’s such a good pack leader, it makes me appreciate in a different and new way. Some say, this is my prep for having children. Perhaps. Doesn’t mean I’m ready for it. At all, but I’ll take it. Whatever happens, happens.

I love my little family.

LanaDelRey LanaDelRey2

New things and thoughts

First off, Happy New Year! I can honestly say that this year has a been good year for the Cantos. Not to say that it was perfect, far from it, but we got to a lot of goals/milestones this year! I got a new car, for starters. I had my Honda Civic for about 10 years and it was time. We still have the Honda around and Danny uses it. Its a good car and it was in excellent condition. Well not the outside (old and chipped paint) but the inside was solid! We were able to purchase a home! We had been waiting so long for this! I couldn’t believe it. We were starting a new journey together as home owners. Which by the way, the work never stops. lol Its a good thing. We’re full fledged adults! I started my own apparel company, Hustle Sauce. This was a huge blessing and was only possible because of the incredible support system I have. Thank you friends and family! Lastly, we got a dog. I’ve always wanted a dog, and luckily so did Danny. We had been waiting for the right time, and right dog. We adopted her from a family that had adopted her from a shelter. They couldn’t keep her anymore because she gave their daughter some kind of allergic reaction. We met and fell in love. Her name is Lana and she’s the best. She’s amazing with people (children too) and she could use some work with other dogs, but she’s still a puppy (10 months) and we’re hustling hard with that training! I have to say, Danny is an excellent “pack leader”! He has taught Lana so much already and she learning quick! Cesar Milan would be proud!


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I don’t like to make goals. lol I make them regardless, but I kinda hate it. I hate it because I forget about them and then get disappointed that I didn’t follow through. Its destructive. I write them down in a notebook and then I share them with Danny and then I jot down his. Its private and I feel ok about them. I’m glad to say that I accomplished some of last year’s goals, so cheers to that!

This year, all that I’ll share is that I hope to be obedient. Obedient to God’s word. Apply what I know he wants from me. To love unconditionally, forgive every time, to be selfless, etc. I tend to get upset a lot because I get hurt, or feel unloved or disrespected. That’s natural. Everyone reacts a certain way to those things. I want to accept it and get over it, because my God loves me and gives me the choice to love, forgive and put others before myself. Cheers to the possibilities of the New Year! Hope you’re all enjoying this new beginning.



Its no secret that I’m obsessed with our family pet, Gunner. He’s more like my brother and sister’s dog, but I like to think he’s kinda mine too just because we have a special relationship. Yes, he’s just a dog- but he’s a wonderful dog. He came to our family, when we needed it most. We were pretty isolated with one another and having this time puppy around required attention from everyone. I mean we took shifts to be with him! lol He was so small (5 wks old). We found ourselves hanging out more and being around one another like a normal family. lol We didn’t even realize we didn’t make time for each other. (embarrassing) We’ve all grown because of him and we love him more for it. haha! Danny pokes fun at me, but I don’t care. A pet is a part of a family and no less. They are to be loved and cared for just like everyone else!

Danny and I plan to add to our little sub-family with a pet adoption soon. Hopefully before Christmas!  I’d love for Gunner to have a bff. haha


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