Christ Fellowship : Coral Gables

I attend an amazing church. Christ Fellowship. On February 26 we’ll be launching our 6th campus in Coral Gables. I’m originally from the West Kendall Campus and once the word of a new campus spread we felt called to go. If you know me, you are well aware that leaving WK would’ve never been an option for me. I love it. The people, the mobile site, and the fact that my whole family goes to church in the same place. It was crazy to think I’d be going anywhere.

Danny and I had fallen in love with our church family, but even then we felt a calling we couldn’t ignore. It was scary..leaving all things familiar. I can’t even imagine how my friends Kristel and Alex felt when they were called to Denver! That a completely different state people! I know it seems small in comparison, but we were scared and at the same time extremely excited for our church site move.

This past Sunday we showed up for the Coral Gables soft launch to prep everything for the BIG day. Things are definitely different, but I can’t wait to see what God is going to do in our city. We’re all uniting and putting ourselves to good use. We have an amazing team at CG and it can only get better! Old friends, new friends, so proud to serve alongside them!

Be sure to attend and invite any and everyone to our launch day February 26!


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