Spartan Race 2012

My hubs is a very active, competitive, good at everything kind of guy. So, when he heard about the Spartan Race he signed up immediately. He had never participated in anything like this before so we were both pretty excited about it! He prepped all week by eating right, working out and resting in order to perform his best. This morning was the big event, and he came home from work (he works 24 hour shifts at the fire department) and rushed me to get going cuz we were going to be late. I don’t think we were going to be late at all but I could tell he had major ants in his pants! He was excited. Extremely. Can you blame him?? Anyhoo…we get there and meet up with his friends from work. I paid my “spectator” fee ( YES. I had to pay to watch -.- ) and he got his number and pinned it on and rushed to the where the race was starting. By 9am he was off. It took most people about 2-3 hours on average to finish the race…one guy finished in 45 minutes!!!! crazy. I anxiously waited around, grabbed some food (by my lonesome mind you) and took pictures of the participants. Finally Danny came around! I was so proud of him. (I love him. He’s the best. )He completed the race in about 2 hours! He was covered in mud and needed fuel desperately. We got him some water and waited around for his friends so we could take an after photo.

Check out the pics:


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