Miami’s Finest: Christ Fellowship Coral Gables

This past Sunday was the official Launch Service for Christ Fellowship‘s 6th campus, Coral Gables. Our launch team had been praying and prepping for the big day for months!  ( I wrote a little bit about it before ) Well the day came and it was amazing!!! God is really doing something in this city and I’m glad to be a part of it. If you’re looking for a church to visit, please stop by it is definitely among Miami’s Finest ;) ! Check out the photos:


3 thoughts on “Miami’s Finest: Christ Fellowship Coral Gables

  1. Hi Steph, great blog. I was there too :) By any chance would you happen to know more or less the number of people that read your blog on a monthly basis? I am in charge of quantifying the exposure/buzz CF received from the opening. Below my name is my contact info.

    Thank you!
    305.492.9113 / papsymileti@gmail

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