Miami’s Finest: Brunch at Greenstreet

I love breakfast. Truly. So, when I received a text from my friend Cristy about brunch at Greenstreet, you better believe I replied immediately! I’d been to Greenstreet (in the beautiful Coconut Grove) for dinner before, but never for Breakfast! We met up around 11 am with all the girls and ordered breakfast. Cristy and Steph O. are breakfast ordering champions. They knew what they wanted before we even sat down. haha It decided on chocolate french toast with some orange juice. Definitely not Paleo. haha Whatever, you only live once right? Whatevs the point is that it was delicious and I can’t wait to go there again and take Danny with me(he was working all day). I’d definitely recommend this place. Its a gem!

Enjoy the pics!


3 thoughts on “Miami’s Finest: Brunch at Greenstreet

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