Saturday Spontaneity

So after brunch on Saturday, I met up with some friends at the University of Miami (to drop off my car) and we went shopping at Urban Outfitters [well they did, not me]. The guys found some pretty sweet deals! We then drove to Lincoln Road for some good ole Shake Shack. That place is delicious. Great food, great shakes! Then my friends Mikey, Dayvid, Amanda and Tere suggested renting bicycles for an hour ad ride around the beach! Best idea ever, seriously. It was $5 / hour and we enjoyed every minute. After biking Dayvid and Tere bought coconuts and we snacked on that, shopped a bit and then watched a movie later on! Pretty sure it was a wonderful and completely unplanned day. Those are the best. I wish Danny wasn’t working all day! He would’ve loved it!

The guy in the last picture freaked us all out.. lol


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