Miami’s Finest: The Fair

Every March the Fair and Expo come to town…AND you better believe Danny and I budget it in. haha Danny is obsessed with the fair! His family has hilarious stories about him and the fair. He loved it so much he would cry when he saw it… etc. lol This past Friday we invited all and gathered for some good ole artery clogging amusement fun! We ate A LOT! I’m pretty sure I only went on one ride. Elephant Ears, Corn Dogs, Lemonade, Pepsi, Corn on the Cob, Fries, Frozen bananas, Kabobs, Arepas etc. I’m also certain I gained the 7 lbs I had lost. ::embarrassing:: Nevertheless it was an amazing night with family and friends! Everyone needs to hit the fair, its a must for the Spring in Miami!

Matthew invited people to Easter at Christ Fellowship ;)


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