It takes work

So today’s workout was brutal…well most of them are. I think anything is brutal, mainly because I’m a bum. haha Well today’s involved a lot of lifting (Over Head Squat & Sumo Dead Lift High Pull) not to mention that our warm up was intense. I started all that at 55 lbs. but had to reduce because I psyched myself out in the middle of the WOD. I lost focus and kinda dropped the 55 lbs. bar on my face (well my nose) but that was entirely my fault. You need to focus 100% when you workout. You cannot afford to be distracted because then embarrassing things like that happen to you. Anyhoo…I’m ok and it wasn’t as serious as I thought it was just the shock, there’s no bruising or anything thank God. After our workout we went out and ran a mile. I wasn’t planning on it but a friend from my group encouraged/challenged me to so I did. The run felt great! Much better than before. I’m excited for the upcoming Mud Run, I’m confident that I’ll be ready. I have to be, I go to Crossfit. lol

*some of the people in my 10am class <3


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