Miami’s Finest: South Beach

This is a pretty vague post. Only because it isn’t about one specific place in Miami. Its about South Beach. I often take Miami for granted. I say I don’t like palm trees, its humid, crowded, etc. but all in all I’m blessed to live here. It offers so much and is truly breathtaking when you take a minute to look around.

Today was a rainy and cloudy day but that didn’t stop Chanti and I from hitting up South Beach. We shopped at Zara, walked to Urban Outfitters, Steve Madden, Club Monaco and walked to Lincoln Road. It was a loooooong walk but I enjoyed it. We chatted it up about life and I loved every minute of it. Amanda met us on Lincoln Rd. and we set out for dinner. We decided to go to Española Way. I had only eaten there once before with Danny  and was thrilled to be going back to explore other eating options. We sat for dinner at Cafe Nuvo. Italian cuisine. Yum! The atmosphere is absolutely beautiful. Its feels so different from the rest of South Beach! I definitely recommend everyone to pass by this little slice adorable-ness.

ps. I took some photos of our day’s journey with my Instax camera! check ’em out!





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