Miami’s Finest x2: Lemoni and Gigi

Last week I met up with Enamarie, Tahtee and Angelica for lunch. I hadn’t seen Tahtee and Angelica since Tahtee’s birthday! Its weird when you see your friends everyday at school and then summer hits and you never see one another. We’re working on not letting that happen again! So lunch was perfect. We went to Lemoni Cafe in the Design District. I went there for the first time with Brandon and Tahtee one day after our illustration class. So thank you friends for introducing me to this wonderful little place. I had the tuna melt with a tomato basil soup. DELICIOUS. Tahtee, Angelica and I had the same thing, because it so darn good! Enamarie had the spicy teriyaki chicken panini. That too was delicious. I’m pretty sure the entire menu is delicious. Their water has mint or lemon in it (chic!). I definitely recommend this spot to anyone in the mood for a good panini ;) Afterwards, (because we apparently could shove more food down our throats) we went to Gigi’s for dessert because Enamarie and Tahtee were raving about the place and of course I had to go. haha First, the ambiance was …well I was in love. Industrial. That’s all I’m saying. Anyhoo… at this place we all had different desserts. I had an apple crumble a la mode, Ena had the bread pudding dessert and Tahtee had the caramel ice cream. Angelica tried all of them. haha They were all delicious! I hear they have a really great menu (other than dessert). So that’s another recommendation! Date night peeps!





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