Calligraphy and Dreams

So I love typefaces, letters, ampersands, etc. I dream of having my own shop where I sell my design typefaces and custom work services! I’m pretty sure its the first time I share this on my blog..its been rather difficult to keep any shop running while I’ve been in school. I mean I have my big cartel shop, but I haven’t had the time to keep it going and make more stuff. I also struggle with what it is I’m going to school for and do I really want to focus on crafting things I enjoy or finding a way to use what I’m learning and what I love in the same way… so in my mind I’m creating the perfect little shop where I sell something that challenges me, something I love and something others can need/use/love. So pray for me and my little dream! As my last year of school starts I hope I will have more time to dedicate to making this happen. God has gifted me with the love to create and I want to use that as much as possible.

Calligraphy Inspirations:

The Primele shop is one I feel inspired by on a regular basis. I found them when I was shopping for wedding inspiration a while back. Here is some of their work!


I also stumbled upon the work of Betsy Dunlap. I love it.




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