Stage Design

On a typical Sunday I wake up at 5:15 am. I get ready with Danny and we head out to church. When I mention this to people they give me strange looks haha and then when I invite them they immediately say “yeah, but I cannot go at 5 in the morning like you” but then I explain why I go to church so early… I go because our campus is a setup and teardown campus, which means that its location is probably somewhere unlikely for a church to be. Church services start at 9 am and 10:30am, but a lot has to be done by then…

Christ Fellowship Coral Gables meets in the Miracle Mile Actor’s Playhouse Theater. The stage is setup according to whatever production is playing for example the current setup is Snow White I believe and we get to transform the stage to what Christ Fellowships all over Miami are centering their series theme on. Our current theme is Electric Summer!

I love waking up early to go and serve my God with the gifts and abilities he’s given me. Our team has grown and I’m so grateful for it! Stage Design is for creatives, strong people who can lift, crafty people, happy people, people (men & women) who want to serve. We welcome more volunteers of course if you’re interested ;) It takes a lot of volunteers to make church happen every Sunday! All areas: media, worship, guest services, cf kids, cf students, prayer, etc. Get plugged in, chances are that we really need you!

This past Sunday was the launch for Electric Summer and it went phenomenally even though we had some missing elements! Here are some before and afters of our transformation!


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