Necklace Board

I have been dying to make a wooden necklace board for some time now…a few months. I made one for my little sister (a few months ago) and it came out awesome! I purchased a pre-cut piece of wood from Lowe’s ($7.98), some small golden hook screws, alligator hanging thingies…( i know nothing of actual terms) and some discounted, small paint cans. I sanded the board a little, painted my pattern (Enamarie’s was a chevron pattern and mine’s was stripes with scalloped top) and let it dry. Then I marked down where I would place the hooks for my necklaces. I used a ruler and laid out the necklaces for exact measurement. I made small holes and then screwed in the hooks! Oh and I nailed the “alligator hanging thingies” on the back so I could hang the wooden board on the wall. Voila! Of course I did not take a step by step photo journey of this DIY because…well I was in the zone and could not stop to take too many photos. But i do have a couple…

I’ll be sure to take some photos of the mounted/finished product soon! I need Danny to hang it for me <3


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