Miami’s Finest: Altruistic Drifter Giveaway!

My friend Priscilla recently opened up her very own online shop called The Altruistic Drifter. She travels around the globe to help on Missions and to collect unique items for the shop. She has a few girls who are traveling and collecting items for her at the moment as well!

The goal of her endeavors is to help families from impoverished countries throughout the entire process of purchasing/selling. The majority of her products are made by families who are in need and have their business as their only source of income. She builds relationships with these small businesses so that her store grows and so she can continue to bring you amazing product while simultaneously bringing more business to these families!

Her recent travels were to El Salvador and Uganda.

“In El Salvador, the profit is going towards helping a pastor who lives in a gang infested neighborhood called Apopa. The money we make off of our El Salvador items will help him and his ministry of providing meals to children of the area. What he hopes to do is give these kids hope, point them towards Jesus, and hopefully away from a gang involved life”

“In Uganda, the money will go towards Hines Ugandan Ministries (HUM). This is an orphanage there that provides food, housing, clothes and an education (all the way through university). The men and women who work at the shop where we purchased these items are actually being helped by HUM. Not only do they help orphans, but they also provide care for widowed women. In April they opened up a small clinic so that they can care for the physical and medical needs of the women and children as well.”

She’s amazing! She has plans to work with an organization in Colombia and to work with India. Its anticipated that the money will go towards helping women who are coming out of sexual slavery in India! So proud of her and her team!

Now that you know about the Altrusitic Drifter you can follow them on twitter  , tumblr , facebook and her shop !

We are offering our first giveaway on this blog! Woohoo! I’ve always wanted to do this and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to do with Priscilla! One lucky winner is going to receive a necklace of their choice!

To enter simply leave a comment about the Altruistic Drifter and your favorite item from her shop. Easy, right? One entry per reader please! Giveaway will be open until September 13, winner announced shortly after. Good Luck! xoxo

image sources: Priscilla and Sheica of Simply Lively


This giveaway is now closed!



19 thoughts on “Miami’s Finest: Altruistic Drifter Giveaway!

  1. So proud of both you ladies! I think the store is great way to provide income to people that need it as well as cute stuff for the rest of us. I love the orange beaded necklace. Such a pretty color.

  2. You girls are truly doing amazing work. I’m so excited for the store’s future and for the futures of everyone involved. What a blessing!

    And how can I choose a favorite item? They’re all so cute! I love the pink and light pink beaded necklaces most. :)

  3. What a beautiful post for a beautiful cause. I am in love with the multi-colored bead necklace! It’s bright and lovely. It would be awesome to win because I keep my shopping to a minimum. lol. Woohoo for a great blog and a fun contest for a wonderful cause. <3

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