New things

Happy iPhone Day everyone! lol Danny and I have been waiting to get an iphone for about two years! We had iphones before but changed to Sprint when we got married to save money. With At&t we were paying too much and Sprint had a better solution to newlywed savings. We ended up getting the HTC Evo. Our contract was for two years. We just kept telling ourselves…we can wait until Sprint comes out with an iphone. We had to make small sacrifices likes a bangin’ phone, for a phone that just didn’t speak our language (i hated it). haha This all sounds pretty silly when I write it all out and in a sense it is. Its just a phone, but ohhhh does that phone makes life a little sweeter! So we were patient (with cracked phones, black screens and terrible mics) and now we’ve got ’em! holla! PLUS, I just got my The Sartorialist CLOSER book  and the 100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Design books in the mail! All in all its a great day and I’m lovin every minute of it, homework and all!


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