Vacation Outfit Inspiration

Hello everyone! I’ve been absent once more mainly because I’ve had a splitting headache for about 5 days. No amount of excedrin and tylenol has sufficed :( Also, work and school stuff has been consuming my time. meh. So, while I laid in bed I got a little Pin-Happy on my Pinterest. Its the only thing I’ve been able to do because it requires no real strength from my body. lol My headaches consume my life. I have an appt December 7. Hoping a praying I find a solution and that nothing is wrong. Keep me in your prayers!

Here are some San Fran Inspiration Outfits!



2 thoughts on “Vacation Outfit Inspiration

  1. 1) I hope your headaches go away. Forever.
    2) I’ll be praying for your appointment.
    3) You are one of the best Pinners out there.
    4) I can’t wait to be adventurous together in San Francisco!


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