So this is the beginning of my last semester in college. I’ll be graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design this April. I’ve been in school for much longer than the average person.. It took me a while to decide what to do and then it took me a while to get into the right school with the right amount of work in my portfolio. Then once in the right school that took a bit too. All of which I’m ok with. I needed this time to get to where I’m at right now. So, all in all I’m excited to graduate and scared. I’ve been a student all my life this far and now it’s time to change a bit. I need to find a “big girl” job. I want to do something I know I will enjoy that at the same time will give me time to be with my family. The ends of things always make me nervous, just as much as the beginnings..so I just need to be brave and remember its in God’s hands!



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  1. Yay graduation! I know kind of how you feel. I’ve really only been a student my whole life because I got knocked up right after graduating with my masters. I never really had a legit big girl job either. I’ve only been a student and a mom. When it comes time for me to finally get my career going (by the way, I still don’t know quite what that will be!) I will be in my 30s probably. Scary!!! I know you will be amazing at whatever you do. You’re very talented and you’re a hard worker. And yes, you’ve got God on your side to help you through it all!

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