Lies we tell ourselves

Everyone lies. Does that make it okay…no. But the error is human.

I’m pretty sure I lie to myself all the time, and I swear that I’m not lying but then BOOM the day is over and it is now a lie (diets, exercise, hw, promises promises promises) I stumbled upon Lauren Hom’s latest handwritten typography series titled DAILY DISHONESTY.  It cracks me up. It adds a little humor to all the little things we tell ourselves to make us feel better. LOL click on the the link ^ to see the rest. They’re genius.

Here are a few:


ivGBmRrEV7ofj ibmAD82Jjl1TIq izDizLhkQYG99 tumblr_mcm9fwUccM1ribi8mo1_1280 tumblr_mc7qey5Po71ribi8mo1_1280


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