Since my last post…part 1

Its definitely been a while since I last posted. School took over. What can I say!?! But a lot has happened since then. Here’s a quick recap:


1. My friends Brian & Jenna got hitched! They’re an adorable couple and I felt honored to share the day with them! Look how cute they are!





2. I graduated college! It was one of the only things I have truly wished to accomplish. I thought I would die a student. Seriously, I thought God would come back and I’d be in the middle of class talking to people. haha






3. Sadly, my friend Amparo had to go back to Spain (she was an exchange student)! I felt so blessed to have met her, she is truly a wonderful person!






4. I got a job doing graphic design at Christ Fellowship! I love the work environment and my co-workers! What an encouraging bunch!



5. I visited Marfa, TX! I was apprehensive at first because I had so much work to do for the upcoming BFA show, that I was in a panic. I was encouraged to go on the trip and so I did. I mean it was school sponsored, how can you say no?!! I’m so glad I went. I built strong friendships with my professors and classmates and was inspired for the heavy work days to come!



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