Since My Last Post…Part 2

After we came back from Marfa, TX it felt like a time bomb to the BFA show. I was running behind on where I wanted to be with me piece and the installation was daunting. My whole family and a ton of truly beautiful and selfless friends helped me finish 3 days before the show. What a relief I tell you! The show date was so intimidating! It felt so far away for so long and then BAM it was here and I had no idea what to do with it. Crazy. The show was great, I loved the works that were displayed and I was proud of all of us.


I also joined Crosffit…again. I’m hoping to really dedicate more time and effort this time because I have less on my plate. School is over with and I have a job, so going to the gym should fit in just fine! So far, so good. i’ve been attending consistently and all I really have to do tighten up my eating. Eating is such a big part of being in shape. -.-

Picture 1

Last week, my dearest friend Chanti moved to Ohio. I can’t even begin to tell you how conflicted about it I felt. I was extremely sad and I was thrilled for her. She was making a brave move for her career. She is such an asset to the company she works for and they know it! I knew this would open up doors for her professionally and personally. I am beyond proud of her! Which is why I am so sad! I love her with all my heart and want her to be with me always. haha SELFISH much? I’m terrible. This move doesn’t really change our friendship at all. I know Chanti and I will be forever friends. She has been such a loyal, kind, gentle and honest friend. I know that is hard to find. I can say I know friendship that is truly pure! Can you say you know something like this?! Not too many of you can. I pray that you one day find a friendship like the one I have with this girl. You’re my bufu Chants. Can’t wait till we visit one another and dream up new possibilities.

photo 1 photo 3 photo 2

Also, a bunch of babies have been poppin’ out. lol Several of my close friends have given birth to wither their second or first child this week! So, many babies! They’re each so special and delicious! Adalia, Isabel, Sofia, Elias, and Summer. I don’t have photos of all of I’ll share the photos of the ones I do have: Elias and Sofia!

photo 4

photo 5.PNG

stay tuned for Part 3! thanks for keeping up on what’s been going on!


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