Guest Blogger: Amanda

Hi! I’m Steph’s friend, Amanda. This is my first time guest blogging, so bear with me! I was so excited when Steph asked me to guest blog on her little space of the internet while she parties it up in Italy.

On a personal note, I’ve been learning a great deal about myself lately, and about others. I figured I’d share some of those tidbits. Forgive me if they sound like ramblings! (I tend to do that.)

To start, I’m constantly learning that I’m not in control of my life. You’d think I’d get the hint by now, but I’m a stubborn mule. I think God has a pretty unique sense of humor, but I know everything happens according to His plan, not mine. Sometimes I remember that better than other times.

I’m also learning that I am extremely blessed… too blessed, rather. I often take those blessings for granted. I’m blessed with friends who are family, music, a great job, an incredible small group… the list goes on. In reality, these blessings are all gifts from God. And these gifts are what we should take joy in: the ability to travel, sing, play an instrument, dance, whatever it is that you love to do. Take joy in that.

One last thing… I’m learning to be kind (and mean it). Sometimes my sarcasm is misinterpreted as cruelty. That should never be the case. I’ve read a lot of articles lately that continue to point to this one important truth: Love others. Some are difficult to love, some refuse to love back, some even hate us. But we love because Christ first loved us (1 John 4:19).

So… there you have it. I hope I didn’t lose you midway. Stay classy!



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