How not to get lost in Venice aka the night we lost Jefe

Looking through my iPhone notes I found this one that I had saved from one of our first nights in Venice. Everyone wanted to go out and we followed a friend who said where we were going wasn’t far. We didn’t buy it, so as we walked to the destination …I took backwards notes so that we could get back if we didn’t want to stick around. It took us about 30 minutes walking to get to the spot. The moment we got there some of wanted to bolt out of there. So we did and my awesome directions got us safely back to our hotel. It was a proud moment. Ha! Check em out!

**oh it’s also known as the night we lost Jefe (Jeff) bc we actually lost him. We ran into him a few hours later. He experienced his own solo adventure that night. Cray.

blue lot restaurant left
-over bridge to the left then make a right (parallel to canal)
-another yellow sign academia San Marco corridor
-thru corridor of banco San Marco
-make a left at yellow sign acc San Marco
-1057 make a right
-Make a right Calle Bambara
-pl Roma Corredor
-l’accademia to the left
-up stairs (unfinished bridge)to the left
-make right after steps with giant lady face
-per San Marco corridor on the left of beccafico restaurants
-over bridge
-go to al vaporetto
-through hotel s.maurizo
-over 2 bridges then right
-ponte duodo left
-High yellow sign a.maria giglio straight in corridor
-High yellow sign hotel do pozzi left
-La coupole right
-Passing Gucci
-Over bridge
-Prada straight
-Sisley right
-Grand canal left

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