25 Days of Paleo

Danny and I decided to start eating better together. We’ve always tried (we’ve both tried several times) to, but never at the same time. You see, I love food and I don’t like anyone restricting what I should and should not eat. I know it’s good for you, but at the time of these attempts I didn’t exactly care. Danny would be doing great and losing weight! His workouts improved and I felt left behind. But not even that was enough to motivate me. I never had health issues like cholesterol, or high blood pressure. I’ve just got migraines. Danny is the most active and fit man in my life. He unfortunately has high cholesterol. It runs in the family. After his latest surgery (ACL), the doc told us it was especially high. This prompted both of us,finally in unison to change our thinking, and way of eating. It’s so much easier when we do things together. Thank God for our marriage. We cook, clean and work together for a healthier life. It really makes everything better.
So we’re on 25th day of paleo- and so far so good! We plan on slowly introducing sugars into system soon and then sticking to paleo principles and the occasional treat. Come on! We gotta have a delectable desert every now and then! So cheers to togetherness and healthy bodies!

*I have less frequent and intense migraines by the way (winning)!

Here’s a recipe for spaghetti squash and ground bison ;) I “winged it” when I made mine but this is for you all that need some step by step. I know I researched a lot because I felt the dish seemed so daunting, but It wasn’t daunting at all. Try it out!

Here’s a pic of how mine turned out!



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