Happy Thanksgiving Day

Hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving! Enjoy your family, friends, and food! Know that you are very blessed even when you feel like a blessing is the farthest thing in your life. Be grateful!


A few things I’m thankful for (bc naming all of them would be crazy long):

1. My sister, Enamarie. She is so very special to me.

2. My hubs. He is a great man and I’m honored to have him as my husband!

3. My entire family for that matter! (My side and Danny’s side). Couldn’t have asked for a better family. That includes Gunner!

4. Amanda. Blessed by her friendship and daily morning phone calls. Ha! She is wonderful and a beautiful friend.

5. My job at the Arts & Comm team at Christ Fellowship. What an incredible opportunity for a job! I love it for more reasons than I can mention!

6. My car. It’s lasted me almost 10 years. Gets me from A to B with no problems! And it’s my home away from home.

7. My church. Christ Fellowship. Loved on me in so many ways and is constantly trying to love on others to show people God’s love!

8. Grateful for all my mommy and non-mommy friends! Truly inspiring and beautiful women. I love you all dearly.

9. Traveling. God has blessed Danny and I with travel. We have seen so many places together and have witnessed first hand the beauty of this earth. Those moments will never leave me.

10. God’s new mercies everyday. He is so faithful and good. I don’t want you guys to think I’m “over spiritualizing” this…because I’m not. I’m being honest. I love my God and he cares for me. Not all of you can understand this (I hope that you can one day), but just trust me on this. Take heart!


*photo used is from rifle paper :) just added some text



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