Early gifting

For Christmas I got Danny an axe. Yes, an axe. Since his surgery, he’s come to terms that he’s going to have to stop playing sports..his favorite thing to do. He’s extremely competitive. Not to mention he’s good at every single sport. Honestly. So this realization has been a bit rough.
Danny also loves nature. A lot. I’m sure you can tell by our vacations. We always go to adventurous places! So, he’s recently started planning a camping trip. (This is something I’ve always wanted to do as well). Getting him an axe for the occasion seemed more than appropriate. I found a beautiful pic of an axe on Pinterest, and followed the link on over to Best Made Co. I have fallen in love with everything on that site by the way! I purchased the Hudson Bay axe and canvas case! I also got a patch for his bag- and I got a free one with the axe. This axe is beautifully crafted. I fell in love with it. Strange..but it’s so beautiful. I gave it to him early because he is planning the trip before Christmas. He loves it and can’t wait to use it!





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