Gift Guide: DIY

I’ve put together a gift guide for those of you on a budget and or prefer something with a little personal touch. I love DIY projects and I wish I had more time to post them up. That’s going to be something I will attempt to do more often in the coming months.

1. Find any mug and sharpie and you’ve got a great personalized gift. Even better if you have excellent penmanship!

2. Add some gold and sparkle to an ordinarily charming Mason/Kerr Jar.

3. Make your own wrapping paper. I know something hand crafted like this would be a hit with friends! Make a few a give in a bundle!

4. Spice up some old porcelain and gift it to someone who is a new homeowner/renter to inspire new gatherings!

5. For a loved one who loves to cook, or wants to start cooking- this is perfect. I’d love them and I’m sure they would too!

6. For the friend with little ones! Give them something their kids will enjoy, while they appreciate the chic aesthetic!

People love to see a personal touch in a gift. It shows them that you thought of them! Enjoy the DIY let me know if you made any! I’ll post one of them soon!


DIY Gift Guide

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