DIY Snow globe

I’ve been wanting to make this Snow globe for about 3 years. I just never got around to it. I usually feel overwhelmed by projects that I’m unfamiliar with. It’s daunting for no reason whatsoever.
I saw it as a sign when a trip to Marshall’s Home Goods revealed the perfect jar for a snow globe. It was a round sort of jar with one facet. The best $3.99 I’ve spent in a while. Lol After that I went to Jerry’s Artarama to find little snow trees. While there, I also purchased neon pink spray paint. All I needed was some glitter (Michael’s) and distilled water (Publix).

1. So I started off by spray painting the lid. I chose a neon pink-but any color works. Think about your Christmas holiday decor theme and match it to that!
2. Then I cleaned the jar and drew on it with a oil based sharpie (I forgot to take a picture of it). I found it at Michael’s for $4.99. You can write something like “Merry Christmas” or your names or a bible verse. It’s up to you. You can also just draw designs on them.
3. While the sharpie ink dried, I started off by sticking the trees to the inside do the kid with mod podge…that didn’t work out exactly as I planned. I ended up using Krazy Glue instead. That works perfectly! I let it dry for about 30 minutes.
4. Then I placed glitter (white and pink Martha Stewart course and fine glitter) inside the jar. About quarter inch in height of the jar.
5. I filled the jar with distilled water to just a little bit before the brim.
6. Placed the lid on the jar and BAM-Snow globe!

I hope you decide to make this. It’s really fun! Not as hard as it looks. Enjoy!
















2 thoughts on “DIY Snow globe

  1. The jar shape you found was really pretty!

    One thing I’d suggest is “lifting” the trees up a little by first placing a small object such as a bottle cap or plain poker chip on the inside of the lid. This raises up the figure so it’s not hidden by the height of the lid.
    (I’m a snow globe artist myself.)
    Some people use the jar “lid-up” and some design “lid-down” as you did. Remember that you can put a little waterproof glue in the lid before you screw it tight, and let it dry upside down, so it will reduce the chances of liquid leaking out over time.

    Yours came out very nicely! I especially love the way you decorated the glass itself with the Sharpie marker. Very fun.

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