Flower Crown DIY

I saw this tutorial on A Beautiful Mess some time ago. I never thought I’d end up making one of these… I don’t necessarily feel like I can rock this, so that explains why I thought I’d never make one. Our family friend, Katie was having a small gathering for her wedding ceremony and asked for a flower crown. It was kind of perfect really. I was pretty excited about it! I went to Michael’s Saturday morning and picked up the materials. It took about half an hour to make. Not bad!

So first, I bought some twine lookin’ wire. Its pretty thick, but it works well!

Flower Crown DIY

Then I bought some fake flowers. They came out to about $12


I used my wire cutter and standard scissors. The Wire cutter to cut the fake flowers and the twine-wire. Its really thick and will bend your scissors out of shape. I used the scissors to trim random parts of the flowers that felt out of place. I’m also a crazy person.


I would tie the stems together so that they overlap and keep measuring a comfortable size around my head. It changed a few times. So there is definitely room for error.


and bam! Flower crown!


I had a lot of fun making this. Can’t wait for the Spring season to roll around! I might be brave enough to rock it for more than 5 minutes! Ha!

photo 1

photo 3

photo 4

Here’s a pic of the beautiful bride! Love you Katie!


*Also, sorry for the crazy different editing in the pics. I like them all… differently. So….Sorry-not sorry!


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