Style on the Mile

This is my lovely friend Maria. We met almost two years ago at our church’s small group for young adults. We clicked pretty instantly. She is a delightful human being, fun, loving and incredibly stylish. I’ve always admired her sense of style.

This past Sunday, she rocked a long cardigan that was definitely a statement piece. Loved it. Obviously, I’d feature her for this week’s “Style on the Mile” post! duh.

I’m pretty sure I want this entire outfit. It looks cute and comfy. Its perfect for these chilly Miami nights we’ve been having! (50 degrees is pretty serious down here).


Maria 2

Maria 1

Maria 3

For Funsies: This is Pierre, Maria’s lovely boyfriend <3


Other Options for this outfit:

Cardigan // Tank // Crossbody // Skinnies // Flats

*I’m color-blind (sarcasm)- so I thought Maria’s bag was light pink…lies. its creme. -.-

*Original cardigan is from Ross (love that place), which means you might have a hard time finding the exact same one…so I found another lovely option closest to the style and cut of Maria’s cardi. 



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