Devo Talk

I have the Word App on my phone. I love it. Its cute and has some great short devotionals. I read more than just this, but this is how I start my day. Janury 3rd’s post was on point. It was based off of Psalm 61:2.

“From the end of the earth I will cry to You, when my heart is overwhelmed; lead me to the rock that is higher than I.”

The devotional said “To build muscle you need to lift weights. When lifting weights, your muscles get tiny little tears. They fuse back together and heal stronger than they were before. Our heart is the same. We need to live lives that feel, that have experiences, to know pure joy and deep heartache. Maturity comes in facing the entirety of life, not in hiding away your heart so it never feels. Our hearts need to be stretched…to lift weight.”

I am the queen of being overwhelmed. Life is big and rough and my heart definitely gets full. I know I am stronger than I know. I feel very weak at times, but I only make it because I depend on God. He carries our burdens and heals us. I say that honestly, because I know. First hand. I want to be as real as possible when it comes to writing about this. I don’t intend or want to live in the shallows of humanity. Its a dark and clouding place.  So, if you feel like you can barely stay afloat, pray… honestly and lovingly. You’ll see he’s really sustaining you. You’d feel less like you’re drowning. Promise.



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