The past couple days have been cold. By cold I mean perfect. A a solid 55-65 degrees. Most Miamians are lovin’ this- others hate it because they love the tropical weather and they expect nothing less. Haha! I love it. People always look better in fall/winter attire…not gonna lie. I feel like a flower when I’ve got my scarf on. Haha! I’m ridiculous. Anyhoo-when I got to work the other day, the boys looked so cozy and wonderful I had to have a 5 minute photoshoot outside. It was probably less than 5 minutes, and it was nice!
Being outside for a few moments really rejuvenated our spirits! A change of scenery can really spark the creativity in a person. Look at companies that are open minded about their work environments: Apple Computers, Charity Water and (many more for sure but these are the first that come to mind) Google! They know what they’re doing! Those companies run the world with creativity, innovation and meeting the needs of their target audience!
Anyhoo…that was a serious tangent! Here are the pics we took! We’re beautiful.





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