Style on the Mile: Selfie Status

Sooooo…I’m kind of awkward in these photos/poses. I don’t necessarily consider myself a stylish person, or one who loves the camera. I make a conscious decision to photograph myself, either in a joking/sarcastic manner or serious portrait. I used to feel really self-conscious about myself in photos, and still do sometimes. “Who do I think I am???”, that’s what goes through my mind when I take photos like these. I forced myself (and my friend, Melchizedek) to take these. Mainly because I was proud of my outfit because I found most of it for SUPER cheap. lol < That was a bit of my “Miami accent” for ya.
I got my necklace for $2, my dress for $5, and my sunglasses were $7. My purse was a steal when I bought it last spring! It was originally like $150-reduced to $80-Amanda gave me a gift card for $50-I had a credit for like $15. Talk about the Lord’s blessing. Haha! My boots were full price, but I got them like 3 years ago and my watch was a Christmas gift from Danny. Life on budget can be fun sometimes. Finding these deals gives me such a sense of accomplishment! Haha! Anyhoo… Enjoy my awkward poses and cheap outfit.

photo 2 (1)

photo 3


Sunnies // Other Dress option // Watch // Crossbody (on sale) // Boots // socks


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