I pin a lot. It isn’t something I dedicate time to, I just do it in passing. I don’t have Instagram-so it’s the equivalent to viewing photos there for me. It’s so fun. It inspires me (as I’ve probably said a few times before). I can’t wait to have my own home to apply my “decor” and “diy” pins to! I can’t wait to get to my goal weight and splurge on some of my “fashionality” pins. (I made a deal with myself about that one). I can’t wait till we plan our next vacation and pick a place from my “places” board! Lol I’m crazy. But, a girl can dream, and a lot of the time God makes those dreams come true (Brazil!)! Heads up! I wanna see orcas in the wild. ASAP.


I’ve encouraged my sister to pin more often to inspire herself and to learn not to be discouraged when things don’t look like a reality. I tell her to aspire to it! Her Pinterest cracks me up! Her about me blurb is a testament to me forcing her to pin. I love her.


Here are some of my latest pins. Hope you enjoy your weekend!



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