Ramble Ramble

It’s been a eventful week. Meetings, signage, logos, coffee, chalk typography, cooking, janky jank, coffee, coffee & coffee. I feel very short tempered and I’ve apologized to those I’ve lashed out at. Every day I say to myself “Today-I will be patient and more loving” and then there’s that one moment I fail. All I can do is start over the next day. I’m usually a very pleasant person, but lately I feel like I’ve far from that. Having some “real-talk” right now. I just want to stay home and sleep away my frustrations. We both know  that’s impossible. If it were, we’d all be home. Then I remember how great God is and how I get the opportunity to live out one of my goals. To use my talent/skill to serve the Lord. Graphic Design is my fave. I get to do this for something I believe in. So- I wake up. Hope you find refreshment in your season of life tonight and wake up ready to take on the world tomorrow.


Image source: Honestly WTF blog

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