Quite an eventful weekend! Valentine’s was awesome! Danny surprised me at work with flowers and blindfolded me to an unknown spot to reveal that he had gotten me a canoe! Yessss! I’m so excited to use that thing! Geez. We had a great evening celebrating love for one another with my family too. Then Saturday morning I woke up early to make paleo waffles. Recipe was difficult at all! They came out delicious. I made em heart shaped too. Then we ran errands, celebrated my father-in-law’s birthday and then had dinner at Our friend’s Dave and Adri. They kiddos are so fun. Love them! Sunday came along and I made it to church late bc I wasn’t feeling well. Merp. (still sick!) A lot of my oldest friends came to church and it was seriously the best feeling. I wish we all went to the same church like we did when we were younger (pushing 30 over here). Anyhoo-we all went to brunch at Swine. It was delicious. I pigged out. Haha-get it?! Anyway. Then we went to the park to hang with my pup, Gunner and some of our friends. That was fun. Then we watched the Walking Dead. And that was it. It was pretty jam packed, but I loved it all!









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