this week…

This week has been pretty crazy. I’ve been so drained creatively lately. This is normal from time to time. Its really very frustrating. Up until right now, I couldn’t formulate a sentence to post. I had nothing to post about… not that what I post is New York Times worthy or anything, but when you have a blog you usually want to keep up with it and make it a habit to share your thoughts and ideas.

The only thing I can post is something I read this week on my Word App. I calmed down and found rest. I don’t carry my burdens alone.

Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens and I will give you rest.” -Matt 11:28

Like we talked about yesterday, shame and guilt can often cause us to reject Jesus’ invitation to ‘come to him’. Sometimes the things we think will ease our burdens and rejuvenate our weariness, only mock us and bring us further down. Maybe its a person you went to for help, or a habit that is now a controlling addiction, a relationship thats unhealthy, that has taught you to keep your mouth and heart shut and just go on pretending that everything is ok. Jesus will never reject you. When you come to Him with you burdens and tired souls, He will never laugh at you, point His finger at you, tell you that you should have done better…He is our trustworthy humble teacher, our gentle father, and our mighty and true Savior. Some of us, through our choices and experiences, have conjured up this idea that Jesus wants to punish us when we bring our tired hearts and heavy lives to him. Its quite the opposite. Its a holy moment, its the cross in action, grace outworked, hope realized, the power of God made manifest, the blood of Jesus flowing freely. Its actually why He went to the cross, died and rose again – so that He could be our savior. its ok for us to need saving. In our western culture we have to work really hard at debunking the myth that Jesus only wants perfect people who have everything together. All Jesus wants is you and I in any state or situation. He alone has the tools and skills, the knowledge and grace to put back together and rebuild our lives. Piece by piece, day by day, moment by moment…..




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