Instax Mini Gradient Film

I recently purchased some Instax Film that had gradients on the [normally white] part of the photo frame. At first I thought it wasn’t such a good idea because I thought it only came in red/yellow colors. I’m not a fan of those colors together because they remind me of fast food. The reason I thought it only came in those colors was because the box image showed that one first. I’m weird. I dismiss a product because of image placement. Anyway… I saw Kylie Jenner’s Instagram and saw that they came in WAY cooler colors like blue and jank. So, I was sold. lol I bought it and I loved every one of those exposures that came out. Hehe. Check it out:

*The first pic is Kylie Jenner’s picture that changed my mind about the film. lol

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 6.54.26 PM

Merari and Enamarie took these pics of Danny and I on our shoot! Merari took this photo os the photos – inception!






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