Live Oak, Florida

We (Danny, Bryan, Enamarie and I) are currently driving back from a lovely wedding in Live Oak, Florida. We drove to Tampa, stayed with my Dad the night and drove 3 hours to the wedding. We arrived just on time! (We hit weird traffic). The wedding and reception were so adorable! The reception was outdoors with flowers everywhere. We ate assorted cheeses, lots of candy and delicious appetizers. Frisbees, corn hole, cricket games were available too! So fun!
We’ve known Josh and his family for a while. I mean I remember when he was in middle school and would sleep over our house all the time! It’s crazy to see where we’re at in life and how time really does fly. Makes me take a look around and remember still moments and the people in them. Today Josh married Debbie. They are a darling couple. So happy for them and thankful that they invited us to share this important day with them. Here are some pics of the day!











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