Warning: This is a sappy post.

Today was Juan’s last day at the Arts and Comm team of Christ Fellowship. His actual last day was Friday, but it was so hectic that we didn’t get to see much of each other. So, he came in today to finish up some studio projects before moving back to New Jersey. I’ve been pretty whiny and dramatic about this transition. The drama serves as a joke. I like to mess around with emotions. The truth is that I’m extremely sad about Juan leaving. Juan and his family have been such a blessing to me in so many ways. Katie, Mikai and Nalea were such a light. Katie showed me so much about being a Mother, woman and friend. I really wish we could’ve spend more time together. Mikai. Mikai is a such beautiful little boy. He is so happy and smart. Running around until I was out of breath was totally worth it. Nalea Aiko. I’m going to miss that little princess so much! She is such a happy baby. I pretty much borrowed her any moment I could! haha!
I worked closely with Juan. He taught me a lot about work and life. To name a few:

1. I should properly name my Photoshop files. Always. (I used to be pretty sloppy there)
2. To take each obstacle a step at a time.
3. Offer up help when you see someone “freaking out” at work. (He always helped me when I would lose it!)
4. To challenge things. (I have opinions that I keep to myself and he always encourages me to voice them)
5. About the quality of life and to put family first. Its what God has entrusted us with. (He loves life and values it so much)
6. How to somewhat master photoshop. (I used to hate it so much!!!)
7. The details make more of a difference than I think. (I pay attention to detail, but I have whole new perspective.)
8. Soccer is Fútbol. Always. We live in Miami-which is basically a foreign country in comparison to the rest of the US.
9. Aviators are awesome. I’m pretty sure my next purchase is pair of Ray Ban GOLD aviators.
10. That I’m a good designer. I don’t have a lot of faith in myself most of the time, and he constantly tried to assure me of my skills and abilities.

The Erazos loved on Danny and I so much! They showed us friendship and kindness. We are going to miss them so!

I know we’ll see each other again, so I’m not too depressed- but not gonna lie, this suckssssss.

Thank you Juan, Katie, Mikai and Nalea/Aiko! Hope to see you soon!



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