Miami’s Finest: Islas Canarias

There are a lot of Cuban restaurants in Miami. La Carreta is good for a quick cortadito/pastelito combo or when the Miami Heat win the championship! Lol that’s where you should be. It’s a crazy Miami parade of victory! Versailles is amazing too! I went there for a graduation family lunch (gangsta like that). Yumsies!
However for a quick Cuban breakfast, Islas Canarias is my spot! Breakfast is quick and delicious. Consistently! They never fail me. Danny and I enjoy breakfast here a lot! We’ve gone to the other places for breakfast and this place is by far our favorite.
Usually just us too or with Yannick! He’s our handsomely talented bufu/chichi/love of our life (well Danny and he share a beautiful bromance). Today we went with Ena and Yannick. It was delicious. I had the “Desayuno Guajiro”, Ena had steak and eggs, Danny had some coffee (he had bfast at work) and Yann ordered the same thing I did. We all enjoyed our meals and inhaled it! Conversation was paused for the eating. Fat habit. Haha. Ena and I took advantage and shot a bunch of photos from the restaurant to our house of ourselves. Here ya go!













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