So, as a designer I’ve learned a few things that everyone who isn’t a designer should know. For example… things you should never say to designer (even if they are doing work for you).
You see, I used to think I could just brush off commentary and just do what I gotta do to get it done. However, I like to hear people out, and try my best to show them how valued they are. I listen. Over time, I realize little trigger words/phrases that increase my stress levels to a dangerous place. Its embarrassing sometimes, but I am who I am- and currently…I am stressed. I know this will pass, so its really no biggie and just a part of life. So, I figured I’d ramble about said comments on here. I mean, this is my safe space. I won’t elaborate on each comment because this will become an annoying post. lol I’ve heard these comments ever since I started learning design. (In school, work, family conversations, freelance, etc.)

1. Make the logo bigger.
2. Can you do this (insert favor here) for me really quick? Its easy or this won’t take long.
3. Make it Pop/Epic/Awesome..
4. Feel free to be creative.
5. There’s too much white space.
6. This job of your seems so easy. Must be nice. (in reference to church employment)
7. Its too girly.
8. Can you give me the files?

and much more-just no others come to mind right now

There are many more things that come up in conversation. But I digress. Just know that Graphic design is frequently stressful and taxing. You’re trying to meet the needs and expectations of your client. You’re trying to meet several deadlines while producing A+ work. That’s all that effort for one project. So, imagine having several projects (like 14 a week) and balancing those components and responsibilities. Also, creating the work for the appropriate audience in style and communication. OF COURSE those comments are going to upset a creative. Its pretty insulting. Especially, since most designers are very invested in their craft and know a lot about it. Schooling and/or personal drive are what got us here in the first place. Trust us. We’ll hear you out, just be respectful and kind- you’ll get exactly what you want sooner rather than later.

Kk. That was my rant. Hope it wasn’t too bad :) I still have a lot to learn, but this is where I’m at thus far.


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