Its Easter! Working for a church makes you see things differently. You are directly involved with a lot of what makes an Easter service a great experience for an attendee. I worried (selfishly) about my own Easter church experience. Would I feel unexcited/numb? Would all our efforts and work feel too planned/produced? The answer is to those questions was no. You see all my thoughts became silly and ridiculous when I attended one of church’s first services. The West Kendall campus had their very first Good Friday service last night. It was wonderful. I found myself in a very sincere and honest moment of gratitude and awe. I reflected on what all this was for. Its for God. All the art, music, production and planning- is for Him. I went to the Coral Gables campus today to setup for our very first Saturday Easter Service. It was great! I serve alongside really amazing people who love Jesus and love this world enough to give people an opportunity to know a little bit about what that means. We set up and teardown to present an environment that will glorify God and be welcoming to its attendees. So, yes I see church service differently because of what I do, but its in a whole new light. I’m grateful for where I am in this season. New perspectives everyday! I hope you all have a Happy Easter and remember what its about! Feel free to attend one of our amazing services across Miami! I’ll be at Gables at the 12 pm! Meet you there :)


Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 6.40.53 PM


Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 6.44.03 PM


Photo Cred: Melchi




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