Hip, Hip Award


About a month ago, my blog was awarded a nomination! Hip, hip, award! Lor Out Loud nominated me :) Very sweet of her! Thank you!

In order to accept this award, I have a couple of questions to answer, 11 blogs to nominate, and 11 questions to write to the nominated. I shall start by answering the following:

1. What is your favorite childhood memory?

– As of late, my favorite childhood memory is sometime between ages 5-7 ish. We lived in a house with a big backyard and the neighbor had a huge tree who’s giant leaves would fall into our yard. I’d collect them and run around with a stick and wave it around singing bibbity bobbity boo from Cinderella. I swore I was making them fly around. It was fun.

2. If you could have one dessert for the rest of your life, what would it be?

– Tiramisu. It so good!


3. Who is your Hollywood hubby / honey?

– Don’t need one. I’ve got a great one who’s “Hollywood” in my eyes.

4. What is your favorite film?

– People always ask me this. I honestly don’t know anymore. I love Ferris Beauler’s Day Off. Not sure if its my absolute favorite though…

5. Which is one of the most inspirational quotes in your eyes?

– Its more of a verse.

“Look at the nations and watch— and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.” Habakkuk 1:5

6. If you could spend one evening in a different era, when would it be (ex: Roaring 20s)?

– 1940s. That era’s style is so beautiful! That hair!


7. What is your go-to “happy dance” song? 

– As of right now… the cliche “Happy” by Pharrell. haha I know people think its really annoying, but its just so fun. Besides I think the concept of a 24 hour music video is genius. haha


8. Where would your dream home be located?

This is a loaded question. ha! I just want any home. Coral Gables (Miami) would be amazing, but I’m not a millionaire yet. haha

9. Would you rather go back to preschool or go back to high school? Why?

I never went to pre-school. High school it is. I had a pretty great experience, so going back a little wiser would be a plus!

10. What is your favorite animal?

– Tiger! Its such a majestic animal.


11. If you were a Disney princess (or prince), which would you be?

– I don’t know which princess I’d be… I took a quiz and I’m Rapunzel apparently.


Below I’ve listed the blogs I nominate! I love all these people! Dale!

If you’ve been nominated, answer the 11 questions below about yourself.  Don’t forget to tag me in the post so I can read your answers :). Then nominate 11 of your favorite new/emerging blogs by leaving a comment on their blog, and come up with a set of questions for them to answer. (If you don’t want to nominate others, then at least do the survey and post it!

Simply Lively

Dash of Panache

Live Freely

Late Afternoon

Fared Pair

Sense and Nonsensibility

Merari Photography

To Be Inspired..

Ludlam Co. 

A Taste of Honey

Electro Renaissance

My questions are:

1. What’s your favorite work of art?

2. If you could travel anywhere for 10 days, where would you go?

3. What song personifies your current state?

4. What does your next hobby adventure look like?

5. Do you cook? If so, what your favorite thing to make? If not, what’ s your favorite food?

6. What’s the most “out of character” thing you’ve ever done?

7. What lead you to pursue your passion? (photo, design, fashion, blogging..)

8. How do you battle creative burnout?

9. What’s your latest read?

10. What’s your favorite children’s book?

11. Who’s your favorite artist/designer?

Thanks for reading! xoxo


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