Good Morning

I had a very productive morning today. I woke up early went to Panther Coffee for a quick breakfast and macchiato and read some of my book. I drove [ALL THE WAY] to Panther because I was meeting my dear friends Johanna and Jessica for some thrifting. We were going to hit up the Bargain Barn. Jessica was looking for a desk and Johanna was looking for a bookshelf- I just went along for the ride (Danny was at work).

I was exhausted and all I wanted to do was sleep in, but sometimes you get over it and realize the day is new and you can decide to be adventurous. I realized that having my morning breakfast and book time is the only way I would be able to make time to read. I’ll be honest- the reason its difficult for me to read is because I’m usually tired. I prefer to vegetate when I get off of work. I’m going to have to make this a regular activity when Danny’s working!  I really enjoyed it. Shortly after, I drove to the Bargain Barn (which was on the other side of the block) and met up with my friends. Thrifting was a success! I found 4 vinyls! Bing Crosby-Christmas (I was going to get it on Amazon for $25!! I got it for $.50. What a steal!), Frank Sinatra, Pink Panther and Mary Poppins. Jessica found a great desk for $10 and Johanna purchased some great books! It was a wonderful morning and great start to the weekend. Hope you have an adventurous weekend too!










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