I like to think that I have a healthy routine. Well, I used to- sort of. You see, I used to wake up at 5:30 am to go to wotkout, then come home, make breakfast and go to work. This happened every other day or so. I’m extremely inconsistent. Its incredible how much damage I knowingly do to myself in this area. We’ve recently ended our gym membership (bc of costs and schedules). So now its up to me to workout on my own [with Danny obviously]. We’ve worked out together once. He’s been working a lot and I get lazy (one of my main 1st world problem/struggles). He gets in his workouts at work and while I’m at work. I tell myself that I will run, everyday. It never ends up happening. NEVER. As a result of this poor follow-through , I’ve realized that my body hates me. I say that a lot, but its absolutely true. My body hates me because I don’t make a real effort to care for it, and when I do finally work out it suckssss so much. Thats how the body and I communicate. Its horrifying. I’ve also been feeling terrible when I wake up in the morning. I’ve felt more tired, though the hours of sleep would constitute as a sufficient time for rest. I blame my lack of exercise and inconsistent eating habits. I eat paleo whenever I feel like it. Which really means the occasional doughnut will cross my path and I will take full advantage of it. I’m sorry, but they’re delicious. So, as you can see the main person to blame is me. In order to feel better I NEED to fix this and create a new healthy, routine to balance myself out. I just wanted to vent and share some of my embarrassing issues. Thanks for reading, and cheers to trying to be better!




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