Eating better/Routine

An UPDATE. As far as my eating habits, they have definitely improved since my last post about routine. The improvements involve what I eat and the amount of money I spend on that. I have a “let’s blow all my moneh on food” problem. So, a big part of creating a healthier routine was stabilizing that factor as well. I’ve gone grocery shopping with a plan, and so far so good.

Side note: I’m trying to eliminate dairy from my diet entirely. Baby steps! I don’t need dairy. (unless that sweet drug, aka cafecito comes my way- I can’t say no to that).  My friend Kristel wrote a blog about cafecito and how to make it, feel free to check it out if you want to tap into that sweetness! So, going back to the dairy-free life! When Danny and I did the strict Paleo for a month, we were golden. We were happy and feelin’ like a million bucks. We went out on a date after the challenge was over, and he had a mushroom soup. It was death. He felt awful! I had the same reaction when I had some Mac n’ Cheese (which is one of my favorite foods). So, we’ve both decided to try and eliminate it. We’re not lactose intolerant or anything, but if we can avoid it, we will! I’ve switched to almond milk entirely, and have been loving coconut milk yogurt! Yes, I had some cheese in my sandwich this morning, but I didn’t feel bad and figure I’ll have it until we run out of cheese. There’s no sense in being wasteful! ha. Check out yesterday’s sweet breakfast!


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