More home inspiration

People always think that I would be the perfect person to furnish and style a home. I am not. The thought is so overwhelming. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve started organizing what we need, colors we like, etc. I stop after a while because I feel like its an impossible task. It’s not. I’m just easily overwhelmed. Thankfully I have family, friends and amazing blogs to help! One of the blogs I’ve found inspiration from over the years is Design Sponge! I discovered this genius gem years ago. I’ve been keeping an eye out for ideas for the right time. I want our future home to feel like an extension of us. I want it to reflect our adventures and our personalities!

I felt like this post from Design Sponge was somewhat close to what I envisioning. Something cozy, modern, rustic and full of character. Ssssheck it out!







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