Miami’s Finest: Ludlam Co.

My friend Brian has recently created his own lifestyle brand, Ludlam Co. 

He is an amazing designer and overall great friend, with a hilarious and beautiful wife! I posted about them about a year ago. We officially met at school (New World School of the Arts). We had a lot of mutual friends and just had never crossed one another’s path, until we realized we attended the same college and the same church. ha! Anyhoo… we’re friends now!

Going back to Ludlam.

“We have lift off. I have finally built up the courage to start something of my own. I’ve never believed myself to be an entrepreneur or desired to be. Over the past few years I have heard over and over again from family and friends about the talent they see in me and “where I will be” as a creative individual. It’s hard to take in sometimes without feeling big headed. I have decided to take a risk and pursue a creative outlet, for success or for failure, something I love to do. Growing up on a skateboard is what I think brought all the environments and friends that have influenced and shaped my life. These things have shaped who I am and is now expressed in the way I create, the way I talk, the way I dress, the way I live. Ludlam is a road I run down to let my mind breath and it also means “loud roaring water”. The surname “ludlam” arose because some people lived on a hill by a loud river. So their identity came from their location, by default. With Ludlam, I want to express myself and I want others to express themselves. This is where it starts. Ludlam clothing and goods.” -Brian

He’s already come out with product and I love what I see so far. Brian passed by the Arts & Comm office this week and a good portion of us purchased some tees! I got the debut tee for Danny and I. You should get one too. Just sayin’. These shirts are selling like hot cakes. < Paha. Andy, Alex and I couldn’t wait to wear them and ended up matching today. No shame, just pride!





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