Update on that routine situation

This week I started running. I’m a terrible runner. I’m slow, I don’t breathe right, I get cramps, I walk a lot…etc. I’ve always admired people who can run for long periods of time. It takes a lot. Seriously, cheers to you all! I decided that I would start running. My sister decided to join me (because she’s amazing and didn’t have to because she’s been doing crossfit!). We run from my job about two miles out to the ocean and back, making the run about 4 miles total. I didn’t know how many miles or how much time it would take… we just went. Good thing we did, because it would be so daunting and discouraging to go, knowing what was ahead. Knowing would have probably stopped me from starting. I tell you, sometimes ignorance really IS bliss. Its sad to admit being so easily defeated, but it is what it is.

Today marks day 2 of the routine. Our running adventure today was great!  We find our pace and just go. We have a moment to reflect when we reach water and then head back. < How else will we get home. ha! Our friend, Adriana joined us today. She’s amazing. She runs half marathons and has a whole routine/system to running properly. So glad she came along today. Ena and I definitely benefited from her runner’s wisdom. Let’s hope we become champion runners and end being super fit!



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