Cinema Paradiso

I somehow got this song stuck in my head…came out of nowhere. Cinema by Gary Go and Benny Benassi. It was my random jam throughout the week. haha! It made me think about my high school days and how I took italian for two years (I barely speak and can sometimes understand). Anyhoo… we watched this film called Cinema Paradiso. Its wonderful. I won’t say its an AMAZING (I’m not confident enough to make such a claim!)  movie or anything, but to me, its pretty spectacular. If you get a chance, check it out.

Foreign films are always nice to watch. I find that a lot of foreign films I see are so beautiful…probably because I don’t entirely understand everything being said, so the story has to be received in other ways. Cinematography, photography, transitions, etc… all part of the recipe for a good story. Hope you see it!

cinema_paradiso_xlg cinemaparadisobdcap3_original



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